Blue World City: Unveiling the Best Plots for Sale in Islamabad

June 14, 2023

Looking for the perfect plot of land to invest in Islamabad? Look no further than Blue World City! This sprawling and luxurious housing project is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after locations in Islamabad, offering a wide range of plots for sale that are sure to meet any investor’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a small residential plot or a larger commercial space, Blue World City has something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the different types Blue World City plots for sale and exploring why it’s such a great investment opportunity. So let’s dive right in!

What is Blue World City?

Blue World City is a state-of-the-art housing project in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has been developed by the renowned Blue Group of Companies who have a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality projects across the country.

The vision behind Blue World City is to provide residents with a luxurious and modern lifestyle that is both affordable and sustainable. Spread over an area of 5,000 kanals, this gated community offers all the amenities you could ever need to live comfortably.

From parks and playgrounds to shopping malls and healthcare facilities, everything you need is within easy reach. The developers have also paid special attention to security measures so that residents can feel safe and secure at all times.

One of the unique features of Blue World City is its Chinese-themed architecture which gives it a distinct look compared to other housing projects in Islamabad. Blue World City represents an excellent investment opportunity if you’re looking for quality living standards at an affordable price point.

The different types of plots available in Blue World City

Blue World City offers a wide range of plots to cater to the different needs and preferences of its clients. The project includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use plots.

For those looking for a peaceful living space away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Blue World City offers residential plots that vary in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. These plots are designed with modern facilities such as underground electricity supply, water treatment plants, sewerage systems and more.

On the other hand, if you’re an entrepreneur seeking investment opportunities in Islamabad’s real estate market then commercial plots at Blue World City is something worth considering. The commercial area consists of shops, plazas and offices offering great potential for growth.

Besides these two categories of property types mentioned above; there are also special economic zones (SEZs) which offer investors tax exemptions on their earnings or investments made within them. This makes it an attractive opportunity for businesses who want to establish themselves by taking advantage of this incentive package offered by the government.

Mixed-use properties provide both residential and commercial spaces which can be utilized according to your specific requirements. Such projects often provide amenities like gyms/fitness centers & parks so residents can enjoy an active lifestyle alongside their work commitments without having to travel far distances.

Whether you are looking for a home or business investment opportunity in Islamabad – Blue World City has got you covered with its diverse range of plot options available!

Why invest in a plot in Blue World City?

Investing in a plot in Blue World City is an excellent opportunity for both investors and home buyers. The project offers a unique blend of modern lifestyle amenities, natural beauty, and affordability that makes it one of the most sought-after real estate projects in Islamabad.

One of the primary reasons to invest in Blue World City is its strategic location. The project is located near the New Islamabad International Airport, making it an ideal investment option for people who value convenience and accessibility.

Moreover, Blue World City boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facilities such as underground electricity wiring, water filtration plants, parks, playgrounds, community centers and much more. These features make living in this society comfortable and convenient.

Additionally, Blue World City has been approved by relevant authorities like Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and Capital Development Authority (CDA). This means that investing here comes with legal protection which gives peace of mind to the investors.

In short,
Blue World city plots for sale are not only affordable but also come with great potential for profit appreciation. So if you’re looking to invest or buy property in Islamabad then Blue World city should definitely be on your radar.

What are the best plots for sale in Blue World City?

Blue World City is one of the most popular housing societies in Islamabad and offers a wide range of plots for sale. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which plot to invest in. However, there are certain key factors that make some plots stand out from the rest.

One factor to consider when looking for the best plots for sale in Blue World City is location. Plots located near amenities such as parks, commercial areas and mosques tend to be more desirable than those further away. Additionally, plots with scenic views or easy access to main roads may also be considered prime real estate.

Another important consideration is plot size. Depending on your needs and budget, you may prefer a larger or smaller plot. Some buyers opt for corner plots as they offer more space and privacy compared to other types of plots.

The developer’s reputation is another important factor when choosing the best plot for sale in Blue World City. A reputable developer ensures that all necessary facilities such as water supply, electricity and gas connections are readily available.

It’s crucial to consider any future development plans within Blue World City before investing in a particular plot. Upcoming projects such as schools or hospitals can significantly increase property values over time.

Finding the best plot for sale in Blue World City requires careful consideration of several factors including location, size, developer reputation and future development plans within the society itself.


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