Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan Making a Difference in 2024:

January 22, 2024

Pakistan, a land of rich culture and resilience, faces its fair share of challenges. However, amidst the difficulties, numerous dedicated NGOs work tirelessly to uplift communities and empower individuals. These organizations, driven by compassion and a spirit of service, strive to make a lasting impact on various aspects of Pakistani society.

Here are the top 10 NGOs in Pakistan, recognized for their outstanding contributions:

1. Edhi Foundation:

A household name, the Edhi Foundation, established by Abdul Sattar Edhi, is synonymous with selfless service. Operating the world’s largest ambulance service and free hospitals, it provides critical healthcare and disaster relief throughout Pakistan.

2. Transparent Hands:

This crowdfunding platform bridges the gap between patients in need and generous donors. By facilitating free surgeries and medical care, Transparent Hands has touched countless lives, particularly in underprivileged communities.

3. The Citizen Foundation:

Education is at the heart of The Citizen Foundation’s mission. Running a network of high-quality, low-cost schools across Pakistan, they provide access to quality education for underprivileged children, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.

4. Akhuwat Foundation:

A pioneer in Islamic microfinance, Akhuwat empowers individuals by providing interest-free loans for income-generating activities. This sustainable approach fosters financial independence and combats poverty at its root.

5. Saylani Welfare Trust:

Renowned for its disaster relief efforts and social welfare programs, Saylani Welfare Trust provides food, shelter, and medical aid to vulnerable populations. Their dedication to community development shines through their various initiatives.

6. Chhipa Welfare Association:

Founded by social worker Ramzan Chhipa, this NGO focuses on tackling poverty through education, healthcare, and livelihood development. Their holistic approach empowers communities and fosters self-reliance.

7. Al-Khidmat Foundation:

Driven by Islamic values, the Al-Khidmat Foundation works in diverse areas like education, healthcare, disaster relief, and social welfare. Their dedication to serving humanity regardless of faith or background is commendable.

8. JDC Foundation Pakistan:

With a focus on education and rural development, JDC Foundation Pakistan empowers communities through infrastructure projects, skill development programs, and access to essential services. Their work fosters sustainable development and improves lives.

9. Aga Khan Foundation:

Established by His Highness the Aga Khan, this international development organization works in Pakistan to improve education, healthcare, and rural development. Their dedication to long-term solutions and community engagement yields lasting results.

10. Aman Foundation:

Committed to improving healthcare and education systems, the Aman Foundation focuses on innovative solutions and partnerships. Their work in areas like telemedicine and community health education is transforming healthcare access for many.


These are the top 10 remarkable NGOs making a difference in Pakistan. Their dedication, innovation, and compassion inspire hope and pave the way for a brighter future. By supporting these organizations or volunteering your time, you can contribute to positive change in Pakistan.


1. How do NGOs in Pakistan sustain their operations financially?

NGOs often rely on a mix of donations, grants, and partnerships with corporate entities and international organizations.

2. What distinguishes these NGOs from others in terms of impact?

Their focus on transparency, innovative solutions, and adaptability sets them apart, ensuring sustained positive impact.

3. How can individuals contribute to the work of these NGOs?

Individuals can contribute by volunteering, donating, or even spreading awareness about the NGOs’ missions and achievements.

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