A1 Permits Information: Getting Colorado Oversize/Overweight Permits: Vital Information for Trucking Businesses

May 25, 2024

For haulage companies, handling the complexities of obtaining Oversize/Overweight permits in Colorado can be daunting. A1 Permits is quickly ready to streamline the procedure and guarantee that your activities sustain adherence to state regulations. This exhaustive guide covers every aspect of Oversize/Overweight permits in Colorado, including the required legal dimensions, associated fees, application processes, and applicable restrictions.

Knowing Oversize/Overweight Permits in Colorado

Colorado Oversize Permits transport permits are mandatory in Colorado for loads that surpass the standard legal dimensions and weight restrictions. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CO DOT) oversees the issuance of these permits in order to safeguard the public and preserve the integrity of the infrastructure of the state.

Legal Requirements and Dimensions:

1. Width: Any load that exceeds 8’6″ in width.
2. Height: Any load that exceeds 13’6″ in height.
3. Length: combination vehicles exceeding 70′ and single vehicles surpassing 45′.
Weight: Variable based on axle configuration; generally in excess of 80,000 pounds GVW.

Validity and Limitations

Permit Validity: Oversize/Overweight permits in Colorado remain in effect for a period of five days.
Operating time The customary operating hours are from sunrise to twilight. At night, loads up to 12 feet wide can be transported with adequate illumination. Nighttime transportation of loads between 12′ and 14′ wides requires an escort.
Restricted travel: is subject to the curfew periods specified in the addendum to the permit. I-70’s Eisenhower Tunnel imposes a 13’11” maximum height restriction. Overweight loads are required to utilize US6 as a bypass. For clearance, loads wider than 11 feet must notify tunnel authorities.

### Procedure for Applying for Colorado DOT Permits

You are required to submit an application via the Colorado DOT Oversize/Overweight Permit Application System in order to obtain an Oversize/Overweight permit. This system facilitates the control and processing of permit requests in an efficient manner.

Procedure for Applying:

1. Access the Colorado DOT Permit Login in order to establish or administer an account.
2. Submit Application: Filter the Colorado DOT Oversize/Overweight Permit Application System with comprehensive load-related information.
3. Payment: Remit the required payment of fees. Costs for excessive permits in Colorado vary based on the particulars of the load.

Expenses and Charges

The price of an excessive permit in Colorado fluctuates according to a number of variables, including the load’s dimensions and weight, in addition to the permit’s duration. For accurate pricing, it is vital to consult the most recent charge schedule on the Colorado DOT website.

for Oversize/Overweight load in Colorado Contact Details]
To obtain expert guidance, please contact the Colorado Overweight permits phone number provided on the CDOT website or through A1 Permits.

Equipment and Escort Requirements

– Escort vehicles are mandatory for nighttime transport of loads wider than 12 feet and under specific other conditions outlined in the permit.
– Lighting: For nighttime travel, appropriate amber lighting must be installed.
Windshield stickers are essential for compliance and identification purposes.

Denver-Specific Considerations

In order to transport oversized loads into or out of Denver, special permits are required. The processing time for these municipal permits is typically two to three days; therefore, advance preparation is essential to prevent any potential setbacks.

Online Tools and Resources for CO DOT

Utilizing the user-friendly Colorado Oversize/Overweight permit online system, you can register for and manage permits. For streamlined access, it includes features such as the Colorado DOT permit login and the CO excessive permit login.

Compliance and Safety

It is critical to prioritize compliance with all regulations. The subsequent elements succinctly outline the fundamental legal aspects and limitations:

Width: Over 8’6” requires a permit.
Height: Over 13’6” requires a permit.
Length: Single vehicles over 45’ or combination vehicles over 70’ require a permit.
Weight: Check specific axle configurations.

Regular Questions Asked

What States in Colorado Demand Oversize/Overweight Permits?

These permits are primarily mandated by the state of Colorado for loads that surpass standard dimensions.

What help can A1 Permits provide?

Leading in the obtaining of requisite permits for transportation companies, A1 Permits guarantees a streamlined and uncomplicated procedure. Our team is committed to providing support for your business during every stage, from the initial application to compliance checks.

What is the online application procedure?

To complete your application, visit the Colorado Oversize/Overweight permit online portal, create an account or logon, and then follow the instructions provided.


Effectively managing Oversize/Overweight permits is a pivotal component in the operation of a busy transportation enterprise. You can effortlessly navigate the complexities of Colorado DOT permits with the assistance of A1 Permits. Ensure your loads are roadworthy without unwarranted delays, compliant, and secure. Contact A1 Permits immediately for further inquires and support.

The objective of this guide is to furnish a comprehensive comprehension of the stipulations and procedures entailed in obtaining Oversize/Overweight permits in Colorado. Maintaining awareness and readiness is vital for ensuring the seamless and effective execution of transportation operations throughout the state of Colorado.


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