: Handling Massachusetts Oversized Permits: A Full Overview for Trucking Companies

June 30, 2024

To maintain compliance and seamless operations, trucking businesses must understand the criteria for Massachusetts oversize licenses. A1 Permits specializes in granting a wide range of trucking permits, including overdimension, overweight, single-trip, temporary, superload, overlength, overheight, overwidth, overhang, and fuel licenses. Our objective as a trustworthy permit agency and broker is to make the permitting process as simple as possible. This article takes a detailed look of Massachusetts oversize permits and how A1 Permits may help.

Understanding Massachusetts’ Oversize Permits

Massachusetts oversize permits are required for vehicles and load that exceed the state’s permitted dimensions and weight restrictions. These licenses facilitate safe transportation while minimizing disturbances to traffic and infrastructure.

Types of Massachusetts Oversize Permits

1. Single-Trip/Temporary Permits: These permits are valid for 72 hours and are an option to registering with the state under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Program. For further information, contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles at 630-800-3474.

2. Trip Permits: Required for non-IFTA registered cars driving through Massachusetts, these permits are valid for five days and must be secured before entering the state.

3. Superload Permits: Required for loads that exceed ordinary permit restrictions, such as those having a width of 16 feet or a gross weight of above 130,000 pounds. These permits need specific technical assessments and might be expensive, depending on the route and number of buildings involved.

4. Overdimension Permits: Issued for weights that exceed typical legal dimensions, such as overlength, overheight, and overwidth permits.

5. Fuel Permits: Required for cars without an IFTA sticker, providing interim fuel tax compliance.

Legal Dimensions and Permit Limits

Compliance with legal dimensions and regular permit limitations is critical.
– Length: The maximum length of a semi-trailer on interstate and designated highways is 53 feet.
-Width: The legal width is eight feet, six inches.
-Height: The maximum height permitted is 13 feet, 6 inches.
-Weight: The standard gross weight limit is 80,000 pounds.

Routine permit limitations increase these size up to:
– Length: 115 ft.
-Width: 14 feet 11 inches.
-Height: 14 feet, 11 inches. (Over 13 feet, 8 inches needs a height survey.)
-Weight: 130,000 pounds gross, based on axle spacing.

Massachusetts Operating Times and Restrictions

Vehicles under 12 feet wide and 14 feet high are permitted to drive from Monday morning (12:01 AM) until Saturday noon, as well as on Sundays from 12:01 AM until noon. Vehicles larger than these dimensions have more restricted travel periods, often from dawn to sunset Monday through Friday, with no transit during peak hours (7:00 AM – 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM – 7:00 PM). Travel is prohibited on major holidays and certain holiday weekends.

Certain roads, such as roads 95 and 93 in the Boston region, limit traffic from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Massachusetts Turnpike has its own restrictions and needs specific licenses for vehicles and weights that exceed specified parameters.

Massachusetts Escort and Equipment Requirements

Vehicles may need one or more escorts, depending on the load dimensions:
– Length: Over 80 feet needs one escort, over 95 feet requires two, and 115 feet or more requires two State Police escorts.
– Width: More than 12 feet needs one escort; more than 13 feet, 6 inches requires two; and more than 14 feet, 11 inches requires two guards and state police.
– Height: Over 13 feet, 8 inches needs a route/height study and one front escort; over 14 feet, 11 inches requires two front escorts and state police.

Signs, flags, and lights are required for big cargo. An “Oversize Load” sign must be shown in the back, and red flags must be affixed on the sides and corners. For nighttime drive, a flashing amber light above the vehicle’s highest point is required.

#### Applying for Massachusetts Oversized Permits

To apply for an oversize permit in Massachusetts, utilize the Massachusetts DOT Permit Application System. This online method simplifies the application procedure. The cost of these licenses varies depending on the load size and special conditions. For further information, call the Massachusetts Oversized Permits Phone Number or go to the Massachusetts DOT Permit Login Portal.

Why Use A1 Permits?

At A1 Permits, we strive to simplify the permission process for transportation firms. Whether you want Massachusetts single-trip/temporary permits, Massachusetts trip permits, or Massachusetts superload permits, we have the knowledge to meet your requirements. Our complete services guarantee that you comply with state requirements while focusing on your main business.

Contact A1 Permits now for additional information or to start the permit application process. Our staff is ready to help you with all of your Massachusetts Overweight Permits requirements.


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