Understanding Mississippi Oversize/Overweight Permits with A1 Permits: A Full Overview

May 20, 2024

Understanding the Need for Permits

When carrying oversize/overload loads across Mississippi, acquiring the required permits is critical to ensuring a safe and legal trip. A1 Permits understands the complexity of the approval process and is devoted to assisting truckers and transporters in meeting the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s (MSDOT) regulations. In this post, we will look into Mississippi oversize/overweight permits, including the validity, limits, and rules that regulate the transportation of oversized loads in the state.

Validity and Restrictions of the Mississippi Oversize/overweight Permit

Mississippi oversize/overweight  permits are valid for three days and must be obtained before to entering the state. This enables for a smooth transition while avoiding any possible delays or penalties. The operation hours for oversized loads are limited to one-half hour after dawn to one-half hour before dusk, Monday through Saturday, with no Sunday transit permitted. Loads under 12′ wide, 13′-6′′ high, 99′ total length, and 150,000 pounds gross weight are authorized to travel 24 hours a day, including on Sundays, as long as the back overhang does not exceed 4′. during loads exceeding 10 feet wide, an escort is necessary during nighttime transport to ensure the safety of both the oversized load and other road users.

Mississippi Legal Dimensions and Restrictions

To be eligible for a Mississippi oversize/overweight  permit, transporters must comply to particular legal dimensions and limits. This includes:

Width: 8′-6″ for most routes, with some routes allowing up to 12′ wide

Height: 13′-6″ for most routes, with some routes allowing up to 15′ high

Length: 53′ for single units, 80′ for combination units, and 99′ for combination units with a rear overhang not exceeding 4′

Weight: 80,000 pounds gross weight for single units, 80,000 pounds GVW for combination units, and 150,000 pounds GVW for combination units with a rear overhang not exceeding 4′

Mississippi Escort Requirements and Safety Instructions

Escorts are necessary to assure safe passage of oversized loads that exceed prescribed dimensions. These escorts must have an amber light and a windshield sticker supplied by the MS DOT. The amber light acts as a visual warning for other vehicles, and the windshield sticker identifies the escort car. Additionally, transporters must comply with various safety procedures, such as:

Pilot Car Requirements: Pilot cars are required for loads over 12′ wide, 15′ high, or 99′ long.

Flagging Requirements: Flags are required on the front and rear of the load, as well as on the escort vehicle.
Lighting Requirements: Oversized loads must have warning lights and flags during nighttime travel.

Applying for a Mississippi Oversized Permit

Applying for a Mississippi oversize permits may be complicated and time-consuming. At A1 Permits, we specialize in reducing the process so that our customers get their permits fast and effectively. The MS DOT provides an online application system via which truckers may submit their applications and supporting papers electronically. However, navigating this system may be difficult, particularly for people who are new with the procedure. That’s where we come in: our team of professionals will walk you through the application procedure, ensuring that all required paperwork and information are properly filed.

The Mississippi DOT Permit Login and Application System

The MS DOT offers an online portal where transporters may log in and utilize the oversize permit application system. This site enables users to submit applications, check the status of their permits, and get critical information on oversize load transportation in Mississippi. At A1 Permits, we are familiar with the MS DOT’s online system and can help with login and application processes, assuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

What Mississippi States Require Oversized Permits

All states in Mississippi need oversize permits for loads that exceed permissible dimensions. This includes, but is not limited to, loads such as:

Over 8′ 6″ wide

Over 13′ 6″ tall

Over 53′ (single units) or 80′ (combination units).

More than 80,000 pounds GVW (single units) or 150,000 pounds GVW (combination units).


Transporting oversized loads across Mississippi requires thorough planning and execution. At A1 Permits, we are devoted to assisting truckers and transporters in understanding the difficult world of Mississippi oversize permits. With our experience and understanding of MS DOT laws, we can guarantee that your oversized load travels safely and legally. Whether you’re an experienced hauler or a newcomer to the field, our staff is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us now to learn more about our Mississippi oversize permit services, and we’ll help you get on the road without delay.

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