Using A1 Permits: Your Reliable Permit Company to Handle Mississippi Oversize Permits

July 3, 2024

Getting the right permits is essential if you work in the trucking sector and have to move overweight or oversize cargo through Mississippi. A1 Permits is here to streamline the procedure and guarantee that your cargoes adhere to state laws. We are a dependable partner for all of your permit requirements, including Mississippi oversize permits, thanks to our substantial industry expertise.

Comprehending Oversize and Overweight Permits in Mississippi

Like many states, Mississippi overweight permits has rules and specifications regarding overweight and oversized load. The purpose of these rules is to protect both the public’s safety and the integrity of the state’s infrastructure. Efficient acquisition of these permits is the area of expertise for A1 Permits, a licensed broker with approval and Department of Transportation (DOT) number 701497 and Motor Carrier (MC) number 586860.

Important Information About Mississippi Oversize Licenses

Mississippi requires the acquisition of an oversized permission prior to entry, and it is good for three days. These licenses cover a variety of sizes and weights, guaranteeing that every part of the load is taken into consideration.

Operating Hours: – Monday through Saturday: 30 minutes before to dawn to 30 minutes after dusk. Travel is prohibited on Sundays unless carrying cargo that don’t exceed 12 feet in width, 13 feet 6 inches in height, 99 feet in length, and 150,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW), with a maximum 4 feet of rear overhang.

Requirements for Escorts:
– Width: Requires one escort for those above 13 feet and two escorts for people over 16 feet.
– Length: One or two escorts are needed for loads longer than 95 feet and 105 feet.
– Height: An escort with a high pole and a route study may be necessary for loads above 15 feet 7 inches.

Flags, Lights, and Signs:
– Loads wider than 12 feet must have “Oversize Load” signage.
– Flags must be positioned around six feet above the pavement on all corners of loads wider than ten feet.
– Loads broader than 12 feet must have flashing amber lights mounted on the rear of the cargo.

Regular Permit Limits and Legal Dimensions

Scope of Law:
– Length: 8’6″ – Width: 13’6″
The trailer’s length is 53 feet, and the total length is 99 feet. It weighs 80,000 pounds gross (20,000 pounds for a single, 34,000 pounds for a tandem, and 42,000 pounds for a tridem).

Limiters on Routine Permits:
Breadth: Up to sixteen feet
– Height: 15 feet 6 inches (heights beyond 15 feet 7 inches need specific surveys).
Length: 120 feet or more
– Weight: 20,000 pounds for a single axle, 48,000 pounds for a tandem axle (up to 57,000 pounds on an interstate); 64,000 pounds for a quad axle (up to 72,000 pounds on an interstate)

A1 Permits Offers Complete Permit Services

To satisfy your transportation demands, A1 Permits provides a comprehensive variety of permit services. We provide Mississippi oversize permits in addition to the following:

Mississippi Single-trip/Temporary Permits: Required for sporadic or transient transit requirements.
– Mississippi Trip Permits: For routine routes of transportation that call for certain permits.
– Permits for Mississippi Superloads: Required for loads above regular permit limitations.
– Mississippi DOT Permits: Guaranteeing adherence to rules set out by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Every state in the United States, every province in Canada, and municipal governments may be served by our staff when it comes to permits. A1 Permits is the company to contact if you want any kind of permit, including those related to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), International Registration Plan (IRP) plates, Motor Carrier Authority (MC), Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), or other related matters.

Superload Authorization and Difficulties

Superloads need more care and processing time since they are larger and heavier than regular permits. The approval process for these licenses, which may require route surveys, district-by-district engineering approvals, and letters from shippers, may take one to two weeks. All of these details are handled by A1 Permits to guarantee that your superload is authorized quickly.

For a hassle-free permit acquisition, get in touch with A1 Permits

It should not be a hassle to get the required permissions for your overweight or oversized cargo. For expedited and effective permit acquisition, A1 Permits provides simplified services. Our experienced transportation permit professionals make the procedure easy and stress-free by knowing the size, height, and weight restrictions for large cargoes.

Obtain Your Licenses Right Now: – Contact Us: ☏ 515-897-0698
For all of your requirements pertaining to trucking permits, A1 Permits is dedicated to provide excellent service. Put your trust in us to manage your Mississippi overweight permits for Mississippi and make sure your cargoes adhere to all state laws.

Extra Sources and Data

Visit the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) website for more particular rules and requirements for overweight and oversize permits in Mississippi.

Key Links: – Online Mississippi Oversize Permits: View and apply for permits using this online resource.
Handle and monitor your permit applications using the Mississippi DOT Permit Application System.

It may be difficult to navigate the complexity of trucking licenses, but if you have A1 licenses on your side, you can concentrate on what you do best, which is safely and effectively carrying products. Get in touch with us right now, and let our professionalism and knowledge handle all of your permit requirements.


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