How many rounds of Interview are there in Zomato & What Is The Recruitment Process?

January 19, 2023

Did you know?

The famous Zomato operates in more than 24 countries! 

Founded in 2008, this restaurant and discovery service food giant is consumer’s favorite. Though, the company is not only on the preferred list of customers, it is also preferred by the aspirants looking for better growth opportunities. 

Hence, to hire candidates from various walks of life and to give them a world-class Zomato interview experience, the company conducts its recruitment process in several stages. 

If you too have sent your application for a job role at the said company, you definitely need to know about its recruitment process. 

This blog post is curated to help you get a better insight into the recruitment rounds of Zomato! 

How many rounds of interviews are conducted in Zomato?

To hire candidates for various job profiles, Zomato conducts various rounds of interviews. There would be several rounds to test candidates on various abilities. Only after clearing one round, you can pass to the next round. 

Generally five rounds of interview are conducted by the company namely; resume shortlisting, written round, GD, technical rounds and an HR round. All of these rounds may range from moderate to high level of difficulty. 

Hence, we have compiled the detailed information about each round so that you can have a better Zomato interview experience. Further, doing the preparation of these rounds will also help you get an amazing  Sprinklr interview experience [ in case you are applying for the said company] 

Resume Shortlisting Round 

The first round in your Zomato recruitment process would be the resume shortlisting round! 

Here, in this round candidates in huge numbers send their CV for various job roles but only a few of them get selected. The recruiting team will look at your resumes and will check for the experience, background, past projects and other related information. The interviewers will skim through your resumes and only the shortlisted resumes will get a chance to move to the other round. 

Pro tip: To better prepare for this round, the most important thing is to prepare a professional resume. Here, you can take help from the professionals to prepare an impressive CV. 

As your CV is the mirror to all the information you need to provide, you should be very careful in drafting your resume. It should include all the information that is correct and concise. However, it will not include any information that is boasting or exaggerating. 

Written Round 

The written round at Zomato tests a candidate on the basis of his or her technical, coding and other abilities. The topics included in this round will be of technical nature as it will assess you on various levels. 

Generally the coding snippets and other essential topics are asked in this interview round. The round is generally of 45 minutes and tests the candidates on various abilities.

Pro tip: The best tip to consider for this round is to be clear about your fundamentals. This can only come if you know in-depth about the syllabus pattern. Additionally, spare some time in making a preparation plan for the written round. Jot down all the topics and based on these topics start your written round preparation. 

Group Discussion Round 

Sometimes Zomato also conducts group discussions round for various job roles. In the group discussion round, the interviewer divides various candidates into a team of four to five players. Then, they are given certain topics and they have to share their opinion on the given topic. 

Pro tip: The interviewer’s main aim behind conducting this round is to check the communication skills of a candidate alongside judging his basic knowledge. Therefore, you should update yourself with the general awareness topics. 

Technical Round 

This round may often send a chill down your spine as it is touted as one of the toughest rounds in your Zomato interview experience. 

The company generally conducts three technical rounds for the candidates. Here you are mainly judged on your technical and coding abilities. An interviewer wants to know your knowledge regarding various coding subjects. 

Pro tip: If you want to crack this round and pass it with flying colors the main topics asked in this round are data structures and algorithms, DBMS, operating system alongside learning about programming languages. You can only ace your technical round, if you are into rigorous preparation. Therefore, brush up your coding skills in advance. 

HR Round 

If you pass all the above-mentioned rounds, you have to go through the HR round with the recruiting and HR Team. This round would be the deciding factor as it will test a candidate on his cultural background and company related knowledge. 

Here the questions will be centred around your background, past projects, experiences, company specific knowledge and related to its product and vision. The basic aim of the interviewer is to test if you are culturally fit for the company or not. 

Pro tip: If you want to clear this round, you should have to showcase that you are culturally fit for the company. Moreover, you should have prior knowledge of the company and its products and services. This will help you impress your interviewer and gain an edge over your competitors.

Most commonly asked questions in HR Round 

We have compiled some of the commonly asked questions in the HR Round of Zomato. 

HR Interview Questions 

  • Why do you want to join Zomato?
  • Why do you think you are perfect for this job role?
  • How can you see yourself in the coming five years?
  • Why do you think you are a good team leader?
  • What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Wrapping Up 

Get to know about the Zomato interview process to get the best-in-class Zomato interview experience. 

Start your preparation for the job role you are applying for and work hard! With the right direction and preparation strategy, you will surely land your dream job at Zomato. 

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