Jahan Islamabad location , location map and also its master plan.

February 10, 2023

Jahan Islamabad

Jahan Islamabad is the capital megacity of Pakistan and has been a symbol of progress in a country that’s agonized by poverty, corruption, and terrorism. Over numerous decades, Jahan Islamabad has managed to maintain its status as a leading business mecca in the region. It’s home to some of the most famed educational institutions and transnational associations in Pakistan, making it an ideal destination for people looking to invest or work in a stable terrain. Learn further about this inconceivable megacity and what it has to offer for those who visit.

Jahan Islamabad location

Jahan Islamabad is positioned in the heart of Pakistan’s capital megacity, Islamabad. The Jahan Islamabad location couldn’t be more ideal, as it’s just a many twinkles ’ drive from major shopping areas, businesses and delegacies. Jahan Islamabad offers a unique mix of luxury and comfort, making it the perfect place to call home.

Jahan Islamabad position chart

Jahan Islamabad is a domestic area located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan. It’s one of the most popular areas for living in Islamabad due to its close propinquity to numerous important milestones and installations.

The Jahan Islamabad position chart below shows the exact position of the area within the megacity

As you can see from the chart, Jahan Islamabad is centrally located in Islamabad and is framed by some of the megacity’s most popular areas. To the north of Jahan Islamabad is F- 8, which is home to numerous delegacies as well as major businesses and shopping promenades. To the south is Sector F- 9, which contains numerous premises and recreational installations. To the east is Sector G- 6, which contains numerous government services and institutions. And to the west is Sector G- 7, which contains a number of caffs , cafes, and other businesses.

Jahan Islamabad

Jahan Islamabad is the capital megacity of Pakistan, and is located in the northern part of the country. The megacity was innovated in 1960, and its name translates to” The City of Islam”. Islamabad is a beautiful megacity, with a large number of premises and green spaces. The megacity is home to numerous important government structures, including the Parliament House and the Supreme Court. Islamabad is also a popular sightseer destination, as it’s home to multitudinous literal and artistic spots.

Jahan Islamabad master plan

Jahan Islamabad is a mega real estate design by Jahan Corporation in the heart of Pakistan’s capital megacity, Islamabad. The design is a mixed- use development comprising of domestic, marketable and retail factors. The master plan for Jahan Islamabad has been designed by world- famed engineers and itineraries to produce a truly unique and sustainable development.

The master plan for Jahan Islamabad has been designed to produce a tone- contained community with all the amenities and installations that they would need. There will be seminaries, hospitals, premises , kirks and recreational installations within the development. Jahan Corporation is committed to creating a world- class development that will set new norms for sustainable living in Pakistan.

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