Quick and Efficient Techniques: Export Zimbra (TGZ) to Thunderbird (MBOX)

August 6, 2023

Towards the support staff: I want to start by saying thanks for helping me with the previous data migration; your tool was incredibly helpful. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could assist me once again. Please assist me with exporting all of the mailboxes in my Zimbra account at once. I need to export Zimbra to MBOX. Many thanks..

Does TGZ need to be exported to MBOX as well? If so, then we will be pleased to assist you, since the major goal of this discussion of our customer request is to assist all customers who are experiencing the same issue and require a similar solution.

Consequently, we offer you one of the greatest alternatives for this. We really hope you take pleasure in it as much as our devoted clients do, who respect our offering. So have a look, and solve your issue right now.

The Best Method for Exporting Zimbra (TGZ) Emails to Thunderbird (MBOX)

As the name implies, GainTools TGZ to MBOX Converter Tool is the answer to your TGZ to MBOX conversion issue. This program can easily export your data and is solely dedicated to the Zimbra account. You only need one program, and it will help you reach your objective.

You only need to make a few clicks to use our completely automated TGZ to MBOX Converter, and you can then quickly export Zimbra TGZ emails to MBOX mailbox. We would like to share a few of the numerous benefits that this application offers with you.

One reason is that this program provides a range of features that will enhance your vacation, and another is the method for exporting TGZ to MBOX. What would you like to know first? As it pertains to your question, we would first want to describe the procedure to you. Please take a thorough look at it.

TGZ to MBOX Converter’s Positive Qualities

  • Manually Select TGZ Data: We must immediately notify you that this is not the case, despite the fact that the method makes it apparent that you can choose the whole account created with TGZ. Even if you don’t have an account set up, this tool is still useful because you can manually choose TGZ files and folders from the device.
  • Bulk TGZ Data Export to MBOX: This tool’s unrestricted ability to export data of any size is one of its best qualities. Regardless matter how many emails you have, this application can export every single one at once. You can export TGZ data in bulk to MBOX with this program, yes.
  • Export TGZ Emails with Attachments: If you believe that this tool just exports emails, allow us to dispel your misconception. No, this program can export any piece of information in your Zimbra accounts, including email, contacts, attachments, and everything else.
  • TGZ Email Preview: This program can do much more than only let you export TGZ to MBOX. You can use this application to access TGZ data if you don’t have any other ones that work with it.
  • Choose a location to save the result: This program is great if you want to keep your data in a specified spot. This utility gives you free reign over where the created files are stored, preventing them from being mixed up with other data.
  • Include Email Header: You can decide whether or not to include email headers while using this application. If you need to view the entire email journey, you must activate this option; otherwise, keep it disabled.

The process to convert Zimbra (TGZ) emails to Thunderbird (MBOX) format

  • Download or Install the GainTools TGZ to MBOX Converter Tool in the Windows system.
  • Now accept the “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Start the application, and select the TGZ files that you need to switch into MBOX format.
  • Before the conversion process begins, users get a complete preview of their selected TGZ files.
  • Now select the location on the desktop to save the new MBOX files.
  • Select the MBOX format.
  • Now hit on the “Convert Now” button and start converting TGZ files to MBOX file format.
  • Open the Thunderbird and see the new MBOX file.


Only a few of the numerous characteristics are listed above. You still have a lot of surprises in store. We can only suggest that these characteristics are merely the beginning. Zimbra can now be readily exported to MBOX, and the exporter will receive all the credit. You can easily complete this work thanks to this application’s user-friendly design and many other benefits. This method works well and requires minimal effort from you. As a consequence, you should utilize the tool we provide if you want to have a wonderful trip and experience.

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