How to Save Attachments extract From Outlook by DataVare Software?

March 28, 2024

The easiest ways to save attachments from Outlook without any effort are sought after by many people. Go through the blog, as it will teach you how to save and download files from Outlook without any difficulty at all. For we provide all the necessary details and advice on how to save attachments from Outlook in this blog.

Techniques for Extracting and Saving Outlook Attachments to a Local Drive
There are two different kinds of Outlook attachment exporting methods on the market.

Method 1: Use manual methods to save attachments.

  • Open the Outlook application and the attachment-containing email.
  • After selecting the downward pointing arrow next to the attachment’s file, right-click and choose Save All Attachments from the drop-down box to save every attachment.
  • Alternatively, you may select Save Attachments from the File menu.
  • There will be a little Save All Attachments popup.
  • After selecting Attachments, you can click OK.
  • Select the location where you want the attachments saved.
  • To manually save an Outlook email attachment to your local drive, click the OK button.

Method 2: – Use an expert tool to extract and save Outlook attachments.

To extract attachments from Outlook PST files, download the DataVare Outlook Attachment Extractor program. With the aid of this utility, users can download every attachment from Outlook without ever losing any data. It saves your precious time and provides 100% quick results.

Explain how to extract outlook attachment in different ways

  • On your PC, download the Outlook attachment extractor program.
  • When the software opens, select the PST option from the top menu.
  • Selecting files in bulk. Use the file-adding option to import Outlook PST files.
  • After adding Outlook files, load all Outlook items by clicking the Start Scanning button.
  • Examine Outlook items and choose the folders that contain items with attachments.
  • After selecting the Extract Attachment button, modify the other settings on the screen that appears.
  • In the end, click Save to begin exporting Outlook file attachments to your local storage.


Using the DataVare Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool Has the Following Benefits.

  1. Download files from one or more attachments at once, without regard to file size restrictions.
  2. You can save Outlook PST files without attachments with the aid of this software.
  3. You can quickly and error-free extract particular type attachments from Outlook objects with the aid of this attachment extractor.
  4. It has a date filtering feature that makes it easier for you to retrieve attachments with various time frames.
    compatible with every version of Windows OS and supports every version of Outlook.
  5. It provides a free demo version that enables users to extract up to 25 attachments from each PST file folder.

Last Word

This post described the simplest method for storing Outlook attachments without encountering any issues. Users should utilize the Outlook attachments extractor application, which can be used to quickly and simply extract attachments from Outlook PST files with just one click, for optimal results and  I hope you now understand how to extract Outlook attachments after reading this blog brifly.

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