Boost Your Kids’ English Skills With This Amazing English Learning Game!

February 9, 2023

Kids Games to learn English allows your child to learn simple english vocabulary in a playful and fun manner. It can also help your child improve their motor skills, listening skills social skills , and memory. Additionally, it gives parents better control over certain features, to allow your child to be focused on the game and learning.

Basic English Vocabulary Game is a colorful and engaging enjoyable game for children and toddlers to master english in a fun and simple method. The games for children teach English to your child in a fun and engaging way using animated characters as well as alphabets and letters.

The vibrant and colorful images of the app for learning English can draw your child’s attention to the process of learning and teaching in a playful and engaging manner.

Alphabet Phonics Sound English Learning app will teach your child a variety of thingslike:

Letters from different alphabets, and all letters from A to Z.

Names of numbers ranging between 1 and 20

Month names in the year that run from January through December

Names for weekdays from Monday to Sunday

Fruits with names like mango, peach, raspberries, mango Apricots, bananas, custard apples, pomegranate, cherries, coconut, kiwi and blackberry. chickoo, java plum watermelon, jackfruit fruit names like grapes, plums and apple fruit like pineapple, strawberry, guava and orange

Names of different vegetable varieties that include bottle gourd, onion capsicum, eggplant ladyfinger, broccoli and coriander leaf, potato , green peas, leeks beetroot, ridge-gourd, beetroot and cauliflower, as well as tomatoes, cluster beans bitter gourd, carrot , and garlic

Names of different food items like pasta, milk, noodles pizza, rice salad, samosa sandwich, soup, toast, sweets, bread cakes, burgers, chocolate cookies, dhokla hot dog, french fries, ice cream , and juice

Names of clothing from shoes, shirts shorts, skirts socks, suit tie, sweater top, cap, blouse and dress-to-frock gloves and hats, handkerchiefs, jacket and raincoat. scarf and saree

Flower names ranging from marigold or orchid, rose, sunflower, tulip Champa, calendula daisies and daffodils to hibiscus jasmine, lavender lotus and lily

The names of the vehicle include ambulance, train, airplane balloon, bicycle boat car, bus, concrete mixer dump engine, fire engine forklift helicopter, motorcycle and police vehicle taxi, scooter, taxi and tractor

Names of various bird names like woodpecker, vulture as well as crow, duck Ostrich, eagle and owl, to parrots peacock, pigeon seagulls, rooster and toucan

The names of different animals, like donkey, elephant and giraffe. gorilla, hippo, goat and kangaroo. leopard, lion, monkey panda, mouse seal, rabbit, snake, sheep as well as wolf, turtle, the bear, zebra and camel. cow, cat, chameleon and dog.

Color names like brown, red, blue, cyan, gray maroon, green and purple. white, black and yellow

Names for shapes ranging from semicircle, triangle, oval and rectangle to parallelograms or trapezium. hexagon, pentagon, kite and octagon. decagon, nonagon and circle

Names of countries include India, United States of America, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Spain, China, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Thailand, Turkey and Philippines

Dry fruits are referred to as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, apricots dates and dried dates dried figs, Pistachios and pistachios raisins, and saffron

Names for sports like cricket bowling, pool weight lifting, karate table tennis, football, baseball, basketball, tennis golf, hockey badminton, volleyball, swimming and boxing

Musical instruments’ names range include cowbell, drum bell, cymbals and tambourine, the xylophone and the accordion and guitar. flute, piano, trumpet and maracas.

The names of the essential elements of a computer, such as usb drive, speaker, Web camera disc-drive, floppy drive, headphone, hard disk keyboard, monitor printer, mouse processor, router, and scanner, to smps, motherboard, and ram.

Names for school stationery like pencil, book, ruler stapler, whitener glitter, document holders, tape, paper clips school bags, pencil cases pencil, scissors, pen glue, eraser, and notebooks

Names of the different seasons including spring, summer monsoon, autumn , and winter

The occupation names range from gardener to mechanic, hairdresser carpenter, tailor postman, fireman, fisherman farmer, police teacher pilot, nurse, journalist, soldier and chef to lawyer, judge scientist, doctor, engineer and astronauts.

Names of body parts , such as arms, legs, hand fingers, stomach the chin, elbow, ear teeth, eyebrow and forehead hair eye, cheek neck, shoulder nail feet, knee lips, tongue and the head

Names of the fundamental directions: north, west east, south and west

Your child might also be taught to recognize the pronunciations and spellings of different objects, as well as their names through fun English games for kids.

Important to learn English spelling app for children and their parents:

English vocabulary application helps your child understand precise and accurate pronunciation of words as well as to improve their pronunciation in English. It also provides them with a variety of words and helps them expand their vocabulary.

A basic English language game is playable without having any prior understanding of the language which makes it suitable for preschoolers and toddlers. Instructing children about the basic English vocabulary in the young years can aid in their development and establish a solid base for learning more about language.

Alphabet’s phonics app can clear the voice of your little child, and lets them learn phonics and play with various sounds and phonics within the game.

The Speak Basic English games increase the proficiency in spelling and pronunciation of your child by constantly looking at the spellings of words, and listening to their sounds. Your child can learn with the use of sounds and images, and stay entertained with this application.

English vocabulary games are interactive and are designed for children with a child-friendly user interaction and experiences. It’s very simple to navigate the app, which makes it enjoyable for children to use.

Spend time with your child and make learning English more enjoyable and enjoyable with the app for phonics and alphabets. Download this Kids Games to Learn English app today.

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