Understand How to Automatically Print PST files to PDF without any data loss

June 14, 2023

Want to convert a large number of Outlook emails to PDF without using Outlook? Searching for the best PST to PDF Conversion Software that doesn’t require Outlook? Do not fret! Reading this post, you may learn how to batch-print PST files to PDF with attachments.

All mobile users now need Adobe portable files, whether they work in business or another field. Additionally, courts accept PDF files as the approved standard format for presenting digital evidence. Well, a lot of Outlook users are looking for a PST file export to PDF solution. The foundation is the accessibility of PDF files on many platforms. Thus, we shall discuss all potential conversion techniques in the section that follows. Read this post to learn how to convert Outlook emails in bulk to PDF files.

Motives for PST to PDF conversion

The majority of individuals always bring their crucial documents with them when they travel. Carrying email data involves certain difficulties because you can’t use the same email client everywhere you travel. As a result, many users hunt for an alternative to Outlook in order to bulk print PST files to PDF format. Here are a few reasons why people convert:-

  • PDF files can be encrypted to safeguard sensitive data. Furthermore, they maintain 100 percent accuracy for data integrity.
  • Platforms must support Microsoft Outlook. PST files cannot be viewed if Outlook is not installed. However, aside from this, PDF is a machine- and platform-independent document format that can open without issue.
  • Microsoft Outlook doesn’t store PDF files, in contrast to other Office programs. Due to the different saving formats used by Outlook, the user may need to convert PST files to PDF without Outlook.
  • A portable file type, PDFs are easy to transfer from anywhere and can be accessed on any platform, including smartphones, computers, and other devices.

How to Convert Outlook Email in Bulk to PDF for Free?

The following are the methods to convert an Outlook PST file to a PDF file format:

  • Then choose the emails you wish to save as PDFs after opening the Outlook email client.
  • Select Print from the File menu at this point.
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the options after that.
  • Press Print to proceed.
  • After selecting PDF from the Save as type drop-down menu, click the Save tab.

Cons of Choosing a Free Manual Solution

The biggest drawback of this approach is that it hinders the bulk conversion of Outlook emails to PDFs without using Outlook. Microsoft Outlook installation is necessary for this strategy. It takes a lot of time and effort to carry out this operation as though there are several PST files that need to be imported. Additionally, the necessary technical knowledge is required to use this manual method.

How to Use a Professional PST to PDF Tool to Batch Print PST Files to PDF?

To get beyond these restrictions, you can attempt a strong and capable third-party program like TrustVare PST to PDF Converter. This automatic software enables the conversion of Outlook emails, tasks, notes, calendars, contacts, etc. to PDF together with attachments without the need to install Outlook. Due to its simple GUI interface and lack of technical knowledge, even a novice could use it. Additionally, this program works with every, Windows, Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe Reader version.

Complete Working Guide for Bulk Outlook Email to PDF Conversion

  • Start your computer’s TrustVare Outlook PST Converter Tool, then load PST files.
  • Press the Export button after seeing the loaded files in the preview window.
  • Then, from the list of Select Saving Options, choose PDF as the output saving option.
  • After that, select PDF & other Settings from the Advanced Settings menu.
  • The PST file to PDF conversion operation may then be started by clicking the Convert tab.

Outlook Converter Notable Features Batch PST to PDF conversion without MS Outlook.

  • Directly convert PST to PDF, attachments included.
  • Provides choices for file naming and date filtering.
  • While printing, keep the folder structure intact.
  • Convert every item from the PST file with no data loss.
  • Offers date stamping and Bates numbering features.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Outlook, and Windows OS.
  • Give a free demo version to all users so that they can check utility efficiency.
  • Technical and non-technical users can also use this software to export PST to PDF.

Closing Statements

Everyone is aware that Outlook is a popular email client program that both personal and business users can use. A common query these days is how to batch-print PST files to PDF format.

This article has discussed manual and expert techniques for converting Outlook emails into PDF format. Depending on your interests and requirements, you can utilize either one of these two approaches.


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