Fix “Outlook Data File is Already is in Use in the Current Profile”

February 7, 2024

The tutorial explains every reason why an MS Outlook error could arise, such as when an Outlook data file is being used by another profile. Additionally, it suggests using OST recovery software to diagnose the problem and retrieve data from it.

All user mailbox content in Outlook by Microsoft is stored in data files named OST and PST. The creation of offline storage data files, or OSTs, occurs instantly when someone sets up a new Outlook profile. They serve as a repository for all mailbox contents, including the calendar, notes, address book, and inbox. For users of Outlook, the file is essential; its corruption causes harm to the email client.

The result of corrupted OST files is that the program crashes freezes, or fails to launch. OST files can become corrupted in various ways, though, and people may no longer be able to control them. These are why it becomes necessary to understand the causes of OST file corruption and how to treat it effectively.

Causes And Descriptions of Errors

Upon opening the Microsoft Outlook email program, users frequently come across the following error:

The current profile currently utilizes an Outlook data file. Try again after quitting any open applications that are utilizing the file. Your system has to be restarted.

It appears that applications other than Microsoft Outlook are using OST files. The issue is not fixed by shutting down every application and then restarting the computer. The reasons behind the error are explained by the points below: –

  • Microsoft Outlook is incorrectly closed, which results in outlook.exe running in the background.
  • Microsoft Outlook backup is operating on the computer in the background.
  • The existence of additional problematic add-ins or conflicting goods in Microsoft Outlook.
  • An OST file experiences corruption or significant damage without any prior notice.
  • Outlook OST becomes unusable due to an inadvertent deletion of directory files.

Fix “Outlook Data File Is Currently In Use In The Current Profile” Without Paying Any Money

Some manual methods for fixing the issue are listed below:

Verify that no Microsoft Outlook-related background processes are active. You can assist with this by doing the following actions:

  1. a) Start your computer’s task management and select the Process tab.
  2. b) Search the current list for Outlook, Communicators are so Lync, and UCMAPI.
  3. c) Click on End task after selecting one process at a time.
  4. c) Close the Task Manager panel and try using Outlook OST again.

To launch Outlook by Microsoft in safe mode, execute

Launch the safe instruction for outlook.exe. If the error is fixed at that point, the add-ins’ existence was the root cause of the issue. Turn off every add-in and launch Microsoft Outlook now. To discover which add-ins are defective, you can begin turning them on one at a time.

Additionally, you can use the free built-in Outlook function, scanpst.exe. This will fix the issue if it stems from a small damage in the OST file.

What Happens If the Manual Isn’t Effective?

You can depend on an established solution, such as DataVare OST recovery/ OST To PST Converter software, if the free approaches are unable to resolve Outlook data files that are already being used in the current profile. Since the substantial corruption in the OST file is now the only cause of the error, the application will undoubtedly troubleshoot the issue. This can only be eliminated with this software and doesn’t need much work. You may import a healthy.pst file that contains all of your mailbox data back into Microsoft Outlook by using the Outlook OST repair program. To correct a software fault, go to the instructions below:

  • Click the Add File option after launching the OST repair application on your computer. Now choose the file that is causing,.ost.
  • You may view the email, calendar, and other contents in the preview mailboxes of added OST files.


  • To continue, click the OST Recovery Programs Export option.
  • To move an OST file to a PST file so that you can access your Outlook mailboxes again, select the PST radio selection.
  • From the Folder list, choose every OST folder.
  • Select the destination where the generated file should be saved by clicking the Browse button.
  • Finally, select Export to start the process of exporting and fixing files in actual

Observational Vision

Any of the aforementioned techniques will undoubtedly restore the Outlook data file that is currently being used in the profile. If the free and manual methods are unsuccessful, users might invest in OST recovery software. Expert testing of the program revealed that it essentially resolved the problem without requiring any data modification. When using this program, one can fix minor or large OST file errors without needing to use any other product.

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