What is Arizon city Islamabad, and what makes it different than other residential societies?

January 26, 2023


Arizon city lies on outskirts of Islamabad It is located within easy reach of the capital. It is situated in an area of residence where a lot of people work or study. It is easy to locate because its streets are well-lit and tidy. Residents of the area say that they have a very pleasant living experience because of the entertainment facilities in the vicinity and other things to do.

Arizon City is a real property development in the city of Karachi.

Arizon City Islamabad is a real estate development in Karachi. Karachi. It is situated in the luxurious neighborhood of Defense Housing Authority, which makes it one of the most sought-after residential zones in Pakistan.

Arizon City has its own shopping center where you can get your food items and other necessities for daily life. The area also offers various amenities for entertainment such as restaurants, cinemas and bowling alleys!

Arizon City is located in the fashionable neighborhood of Defense Housing Authority.

Arizon City is located in the exclusive neighborhood of the Defense Housing Authority. It is also near other amenities in the area like hospitals, malls and schools. The community center has an outdoor pool as well as several parks where you can enjoy the company of loved ones and friends.

The modern homes look stylish with some facilities such as air conditioning unit, TV sets, and ceiling fans that are provided. There are also kitchens inside every home, so you can cook your meals in a snap without having to leave each time you’re hungry!

Arizon City has its own shopping mall, which is where you can shop for groceries and other needs.

Arizon City has its own retail store, where you can shop for food items and other necessities. It is a great place to shop since it is home to a variety of choices for food items which are easily accessible. The area also has a lot of facilities, including laundry facilities and parking.

Arizon City has been developed on a sprawling area of over 300 acres at Block-I Sector-14/15 Islamabad that includes residential units as well as commercial and industrial properties. The location of the project is situated just outside the city’s boundaries, but is within easy reach of major highways that connect Rawalpindi towards Peshawar via Islamabad Motorway (M2), Murree Road etc., this makes it a great choice for commuters working in either direction; this makes it an ideal choice for those looking for good affordable housing in close proximity to their workplaces or educational institutions too!

Arizon City offers the residents discounted health care services as well as food at various eateries, and is open throughout the day.

Arizon City offers the residents discounts in health care services and meals from different eateries that are available during all hours of the day. The community center features an internet-connected computer lab where people can use to learn new skills, as well as prayer rooms that are separated for men and women in the same area, which is not often found in urban areas.

The community center also provides various programs throughout the year such as art classes, fitness classes along with cooking demos.

Arizon City has its own swimming pool, athletic arena and picnic areas.

It is home to the Arizon City has its own swimming pool, a sports arena, along with picnic spaces. The city also offers facilities for children such as an area for play and an interactive fountain which makes it the ideal location to host family gatherings.

Alongside these facilities, you can take advantage of your stay by visiting the nearby parks like Gondwana Park or Zaffer Hussain Park where you can play playing cricket or just relaxing on the lawn to read a book while taking in the splendor of nature all around you. If you are seeking something more thrilling then we suggest you take one of our many adventures available at Arizon City Islamabad!

Arizon City has a multi-purpose hall known as Aziz Saeed Hall that can be used to host cultural activities weddings, other celebrations, and more.

Arizon City has a multi-purpose hall called Aziz Saeed Hall that can be used for cultural activities or weddings as well as other events.

There are numerous Social clubs within Arizon City including the Khandaq club, which is among the longest running clubs located in Islamabad.

The center for community has computer labs that visitors can use to learn new skills.

The community center has computer labs that residents can use to study new skills. If, for instance, you are new to the city, it is good to learn how to use the social media and the internet. It is also possible to learn to utilize email and other tech like Photoshop and Illustrator.

The community center also includes a prayer space that has separate seating for men and women within the same room uncommon in urban areas.

The center also features an area for prayer with separate seating for men and women within the same room uncommon in suburban areas.

The mosque also has a huge basketball court that is enjoyed by residents in Arizon city Islamabad. The mosque also provides classes for kids, which include Islamic studies and English instruction in the language.

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