Fortnite Fastest Counter: What to Do When Someone Ramps Over You?

April 19, 2023

Fortnite players use Ramp Rush to get an advantage over an opponent. In other words, players must develop themselves aggressively to get an advantage over their opponent and increase their odds of landing a headshot.

Ramp Rush players can wash you, which is the worst thing to happen in Fortnite. Fortunately, you can use a few strategies to tame these deadly builds and survive the battle. So, let’s see what you can do when someone ramps over you.

What to Do When Someone Ramps Rush You?

Countering ramps is quite straightforward in Fortnite. There are numerous benefits to character development and surviving longer in Battle Royale encounters.

But players must know the game’s tactics and set pieces with personalised key binds. The following measures are taken to counter ramp rush in Fortnite:

  • Side Jump and Build a Wall

The initial task is to do a side jump, land on a floor, and then begin building walls. A wall is a foundation for your matching building parts, allowing you to reach high terrain faster.

You can also do an elevated side leap to land on the ramp’s rear end. It is beneficial as it propels you upwards quickly and adds layers to your side jump.

  • Build a Set of Stairs

Build a series of stairs if you want a more adaptable (though risky) cover. From a defensive standpoint, you shouldn’t do this unless you know the fire’s origin and are dealing with an offensive player on the same level.

You can use stairs for cover while crouching to creep up the ramp. The higher vantage point provides you with an additional advantage.

Stairs are also effective for open-air attacks. By blasting shots from above, you can catch an unknown opponent off guard by laying down two or three steps.

  • Start Building Ramps

Now that you have stairs and a floor, you can build a ramp to ascend higher than your opponent. However, it is preferable to construct two sequential ramps rather than one to gain extra height above the opponent’s previously erected ramp.

  • Follow 90s Building Style

It goes by making a 90-degree turn, placing a floor, turning toward the desired direction, placing a wall, jumping, and then placing a ramp. You can find yourself trapped a few times while practising and honing your skills as you are too close to the ramp’s higher edge.

Your jump does not clear the ramp as it appears, so you end up underneath it. That’s why you must keep an eye on the grid and your surroundings.

You can also turn 180 degrees. As you turn around, look down, place a floor, jump, and then place a ramp. Attempt to stay near the ramps’ bottom, so you don’t end up stranded.

  • Keep Building to Reach a Higher Limit

Repeat the procedure of cranking 90s by building up a ramp along the adjacent walls to claim higher ground and win the fight over your opponent. You can make windows to shoot from or escape traps. Depending on the foundation of the opponent’s structure, you may require an RPG or a drum gun to help you tear down their defences.

After winning a skirmish, ensure that there aren’t any covers remaining. Construct your cover to tackle other players coming your way after hearing the gunfire.

Wrapping Up!

The aforementioned points can help you escape a ramp rush. But it depends on how well you’ve mastered the building techniques.

You may always adjust your control over the character. Moreover, it can be difficult to build forts swiftly if you find them overly sensitive.

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