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March 28, 2023

Looking to add an upgrade to your outdoor living space? Install lattice patio covers that offer space, protection, and freedom to perform a lot of things such as barbecue, dine and enjoy family time all in one place.

We at Solara Patio Covers are known for being the best patio cover installers in Arizona, and Phoenix. We focus on improving our customer’s quality of life by offering them specialized smart patio covers.

We own manufacturing units in Phoenix, Arizona, where we manufacture and assemble our products to ensure a spotless finish and great quality. We offer our patio covers “Customized”, so you can easily add a designer element to your patio. 

The best part about our designer patio covers is they are highly adjustable and eco-friendly. When you get our patio covers installed in your outdoor space it will help you save your heating, cooling, and lighting bills. Offering you great ventilation and shade all season long. 

Our lattice patio cover comes with a shade structure that protects from direct sunlight and  elements while adding an attractive and unique look to your outdoor space. It consists of a criss-cross pattern of slats that allow sunlight to filter through while providing ample shade.

Solara Lattice patio covers and shade patio covers are versatile and can be designed to fit a variety of patio styles, including traditional and modern. They can be made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl and come in a range of colors to match your home’s exterior.

Best Patio Covers Installers For Quality Outcome

When it comes to choosing the best patio cover installers, what is essential is you get a high-quality product and professional installation, and this is what we do.  

We are experienced patio cover installers having a proven track record of delivering quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and fair pricing. You can check out our reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous customers to see how best we are in our work.

If you want a patio installed in your backyard, connect with us today and see how we satisfy your home patio cover needs by adding the desired patio to your place.  

This way, you can relax and enjoy your patio for years to come.

The smart patio cover has become a popular smart shade system to allow house owners to control the amount of sunlight or shade they want. Solara patio covers are designed from the best quality material by experienced skilled professionals. With a team of patio cover experts, Solara is a manufacturer of a unique patio cover.

Our patio covers can easily get exposed to different weather conditions and stand strong even under direct sunlight, rain and humidity. Solara patio covers are superior to wood, iron, steel, and metal covers because they are entirely manufactured out of aluminium and provide the aluminium patio cover awning. Thus, the smart patio cover, manufactured by Solara, lets you enjoy the best of all worlds.

What makes our roof system unique is its quality adjustability. Solara offers an adjustable roof system that you can control accordingly when it’s raining, or sunlight and in all seasons.

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