Effective Method to Remove Lotus Notes NSF Contacts form NSF file.

May 22, 2023

Searching for a method to get rid of duplicate NSF files? We will cover two techniques to remove duplicate NSF files in this article.

Lotus Notes, an email client, employs NSF as its storage file type. NSF file types are used to store all of the data in Lotus Notes. Each account’s personal address book data, including contacts, connections, places, etc., is included in the information. Due to the abundance of data, NSF files can produce duplicate contacts. Because these duplicate files take up the same amount of space as other original contacts, they must be erased.

What causes Contacts in NSF files to be duplicated?

  • When there are many contacts in an address book, the duplication issue arises. In addition, the following are some more causes of duplicate contacts:
  • When merging, two or more NSF files from a single Lotus Notes account are combined to form a single NSF file.
  • When you add an employee’s address book to the address book of another employee throughout the process of importing an address book.
  • Named attachments in your Lotus Notes account while the “.nsf” file was uploading.

Methods for Eliminating Double Contacts in Lotus Notes

Compared to other email clients, managing a Lotus Notes account might be a little more challenging. The issue becomes worse as there are more accounts. Similar amounts of space are used by duplicate contacts that create and by other contacts. These unnecessary connections take up space, which reduces Lotus Notes’ efficiency and reduces a user’s productivity. Below are several techniques for removing duplicate contacts:-

Removal Techniques for Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

The fundamental and easy way to get rid of NSF duplicates is to pick each one out separately and remove it. When a single account contains a lot of contacts, this option is not practical. Considering that it can take a while. Running Lotus scripts in the Domino agent is another way to locate and remove duplicate contacts. These manual techniques do not, however, produce satisfying outcomes. Using the scripts is highly challenging for non-technical people.

Alternative Method for Lotus Notes Duplicate Contact Removal with the Automated Tool

Using a third-party software program like the TrustVare NSF Duplicate Remover Tool is the most efficient technique to eliminate the superfluous contacts from the NSF files quickly. After analyzing and eliminating duplicate contacts from the combined files, the program combines several named “.nsf” files into a single NSF file. The utility eliminates duplicate emails from Lotus Notes NSF Files in the case of emails as well.

The software enables you to join many NSF files from various Lotus Notes accounts at once, search through them for duplicate contacts, and create a new NSF file that eliminates duplicate contacts. First, the application will offer choices for adding the NSF file by file or folder.

Features of the TrustVare Duplicate Remover Tool

  • Supportive all Windows OS Versions.
  • Both technical and non-technical users can also use this tool.
  • Users can load multiple files at one time without any data limitation.
  • GUI is available.
  • Preview before the remove duplicate emails.
  • This application didn’t take a long time to eliminate duplicate NSF mail.


In this blog, users can understand the automated solution features and functions. This easy-to-use professional tool safely removes all duplicate mail from the NSF files. This application is workable with all Windows versions. If users want to see more app features and functions, they can download the free demo version of this software.

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