Tips & Methods to Open & Save PST Email with Attachment to PDF

February 17, 2024

This is the last step to discovering the answer to the question of how to save an Outlook email folder as a PDF document. In this post, I’ll go over some approaches to problem-solving. Now let’s get going.

Nowadays, most users are looking for a solid way to convert many Outlook data files to PDF files in bulk since PDF files can be easily accessed and viewed using the Adobe Reader application. Users opt to use Adobe PDF as the file type since it is platform-independent. It secures all email data and other information while preserving all database email data for later use.

You search for a method to convert PST files into PDF files with attachments for this reason. Thus, this article describes an alternate way to save an Outlook email folder as a PDF. Based on what each one needs, you can take care of them all.

What are the Reasons Why Outlook Emails to PDF Migration are Required?

Since PDF files are easier to handle, users often want to convert their Outlook PST files to PDF files. because of conditions that permit the conversion of a PDF file. As is common knowledge, the most popular and extensively used email software is Microsoft Outlook, and PDF documents are commonly stored in this format. It is possible to utilize it for both personal and professional reasons. On the other hand, PDF is an all-purpose format that works differently; it has been utilized for both governmental and commercial purposes.

A Few Reasons are Here:

  • One email must be extracted as a PDF from a large PST file;
  • PST files cannot be password-protected, but Adobe PDF files can.
  • PDF files are easily accessible on any device and function as separate platforms.
  • PDF files have great portability.

How Do I Save Outlook PST Files as PDFs Manually?

Users can also convert Outlook emails to PDF format by using a manual procedure. But there are some drawbacks, such as the lengthy processing time that only allows for the conversion of a single data file. Install Microsoft Outlook is a must for the conversion procedure. The following describes how the utility’s manual steps operate:

Users can manually export Outlook emails to PDF format as well. But there are a few disadvantages, such as the long processing time and the limited number of data files that can be converted. Microsoft Outlook installation is necessary in order to complete the conversion process. The operation of the utility’s manual stages is explained as follows:

  • Install Microsoft Outlook as the email program on your system.
  • Next, select Save As from the menu bar under the File tab.
  • Next, a new window screen appears, requiring the user to save their choice of file type and pick an HTML format.
  • Click the Save icon after deciding where the HTML file should be saved.
  • You can now access the stored HTML file by using these options. After you’ve chosen the HTML file, right-click. Open Word in Microsoft.
  • Select a PDF file as the file type.
  • Lastly, view the converted PDF file.

Some Serious Limitations and Drawbacks

  • It takes extensive technical knowledge to complete this manual solution.
  • The process is laborious and time-consuming.
  • An Outlook PST file cannot be converted to a PDF without the use of additional software.
  • probabilities of data loss and corruption.

One-Stop Software for Outlook Export Tools: Expert Software

Softaken Outlook PST Converter: The best and most reliable converter for converting Outlook PST files and attachments to PDFs is Tool. Users may save and print PST files in PDF format using this automated solution without losing any data.

This is an excellent choice overall for those who want to convert several Outlook PST files to PDF format in a single conversion process. With this Outlook Export tool, you have access to a number of other feature options, such as the preview function, which lets you check all the files you’ve selected before finishing the process.


This article demonstrates that the best and safest way to convert files is to use the all-in-one Outlook Export, even though the manual technique necessitates certain technical steps. I recommended that you use the free trial edition of the automated converter program so that everyone can see how to save an Outlook email folder as a PDF. The initial few PST files in this trial version can also be used to evaluate the migration procedure.

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