Deep Cleaning NYC Offices: How Often Should You Do It?

November 20, 2023

SanMar Building Services knows a clean and healthy work environment is essential to office productivity, and maintaining that cleanliness depends on the frequency of proper deep cleaning. But how do you determine when it’s time for a deep clean? NYC offices come in all shapes, sizes, and business types – making this question a bit more complex. Luckily, this article breaks down some of the determining factors for various office spaces in New York City and offers some actionable advice for creating an optimal work atmosphere.

First, let’s consider the significance of an office’s size. There’s a big difference between cleaning a small office suite and a sprawling, multi-floored workspace. The more area an office covers, the more time-consuming deep cleaning becomes, and the more often you may need to do it. Break down your cleaning process into manageable sections, focusing on high-traffic areas with frequent usage. A small office might need a deep clean once per quarter, whereas a larger office may benefit from a monthly deep cleaning schedule to maintain cleanliness.

Now, think about the number of employees working in your office. Your cleaning frequency will increase as the number of employees grows since more people means more mess. Increased foot traffic, usage of office equipment, and shared areas like break rooms, kitchenettes, and restrooms all contribute to a faster build-up of dirt and grime. If those areas stay unclean, it could lead to an unhealthy work environment, negatively impacting employee wellness and, ultimately, office productivity. Establish a cleaning schedule that accounts for the number of employees, keeping in mind that an increase in personnel will likely require more frequent deep cleaning.

Let’s analyze the type of business you run – a factor that carries significant weight. After all, different industries generate different levels of mess and require various amounts of cleaning. For example, a research lab, medical practice, or preschool may require more frequent deep cleaning than a standard office setting. Consider how your business operations impact the cleanliness of your workspace and adjust your deep cleaning schedule accordingly.

To find the best provider of office cleaning NYC has to offer, it’s important to evaluate your unique office conditions and prioritize the cleaning tasks needed. Discuss your expectations and requirements with a professional cleaning service, factoring in aspects like office size, employee count, and business type, to develop an optimal cleaning schedule that promotes a happy, healthy, and productive work environment.

With offices across the New York City area, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for every space. Ultimately, it comes down to balancing employee well-being with the practical side of deep cleaning – from overall costs to time investments. By taking the discussed factors into consideration, you can develop a solid foundation for maintaining an appealing, healthy, and efficient workspace.

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