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March 1, 2024

We have been acquainted with the Matrix MLM software development company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for 18 years. There are at most 12 different types of software available if you wish to succeed in networking software. Our main goal is to satisfy each and every client by working to their specifications and producing something that makes them happy.We offer a range of services, such as MLM software development, integration, and customization to satisfy customer needs.


With the many capabilities of our 3×3 Matrix MLM Script, you may manage a Best Matrix MLM anyway you see fit. To assist you in meeting your needs for online promotion of your items, an innovative multilevel marketing solution will be supplied. This script was entirely developed by our knowledgeable and experienced MLM Developers using the current state of the industry for the global market.


Advantages of 3X3  MLM Matrix Software

  • Upline users up to three tiers will receive a bonus in their wallet upon a new user’s registration.
  • This plan restricts level commission to three tiers and downline to three users.
  • Level and referral bonuses are awarded to the upline according to the downline user plan.
  • According to the downline user plan, the upline will receive a level and referral incentive.

Features of 2X3 , 3X3  MLM Matrix Software

Matrix structure

  • Give a definition for the matrix structure in terms of 2*2, 3*3, or any other arrangement.
  • Indicate how many front-line members a distributor is allowed to have at most.
  • Establish a method for aligning new hires with the matrix, taking into account placement to the right or left.

Genealogy Tree

  • Provide a genealogy tree as a visual depiction of the matrix structure.
  • Permit users to keep an eye on their network and track their downline.

E-wallet and payout system

  • It will incorporate a wallet system to generate profits and commissions.
  • It establishes an automated, secure distributor payout system.

Ranking system

  • We must assign ranks based on the distributors’ performance of where the distributors’ goals and accomplishments are detailed. 

Security Measures

  • A few safety and security precautions to safeguard user information and transactions.
  • Secure payment mechanisms should be put in place, and sensitive data should be encrypted.

Estimation of Commision

  • Using the matrix structure as a guide, create a commission calculation framework.
  • Establish the pay structure, such as receiving commissions for completing each level of the matrix or a fixed share of the sales made by members of the downline.

User Profile

  • Permit users to fill up the required information on their profiles and register.
  • Put in place a safe login process that includes security checks.

Module for Communication

  • It is utilized as a means of communication for team members to engage and assist one another.
  • Include notifications for commissions, updates, and critical updates.


  • It gives distributors comprehensive reports so they may monitor their success.
  • Administrators ought to be able to watch over the network as a whole.

Legal considerations and compliance

  • Secure payment mechanisms should be put in place, and sensitive data should be encrypted.

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