Seven Wonders city Islamabad Housing Society is legal or not

April 3, 2023

Are you curious about the latest buzz surrounding the magnificent 7 Wonder City Islamabad project? You’re not alone! As one of Pakistan’s most ambitious development initiatives, this project has captured the attention of investors and citizens alike. But with so much hype surrounding it, many people are wondering: is 7 Wonder City Islamabad actually approved? In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this exciting project and its current status. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all there is to know about 7 wonders city islamabad

What is the 7 Wonder City Islamabad?

Is Wonder City Islamabad approved?

The much-anticipated real estate project, Wonder City Islamabad, has finally been approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Located on the Islamabad Highway near New Airport, Wonder City is a mega housing project that promises to provide its residents with all the amenities of a modern city.

The project was initially proposed back in 2016 but stalled due to various issues. However, after getting all the necessary approvals, construction work on the project is now expected to begin soon.

When completed, Wonder City will be home to over 50,000 families and will feature a number of world-class facilities including a 5-star hotel, an international school, a hospital, and a shopping mall.

So if you’re looking for a place to invest in Islamabad, Wonder City is definitely worth considering!

The Different types of housing in 7 Wonder City Islamabad

There are many different types of housing in 7 Wonder City Islamabad. The most common type of housing is the single-family home. These homes are usually detached from other homes and have their own yard and driveway. Other types of housing include duplexes, townhouses, and apartments. There are also condominiums and co-ops, which are similar to apartments but with more amenities.

Pros and Cons of living in 7 Wonder City Islamabad

There are many pros and cons of living in Wonder City Islamabad. One pro is that the city is very close to nature. There are many parks and trees, and the air is clean. The city is also very safe, with low crime rates. Another pro is that the city has a lot of amenities, including a hospital, a mall, and a school.

However, there are also some cons of living in Wonder City Islamabad. One con is that the city is very expensive. The cost of living is high, and the rent is also very high. Another con is that the city is very crowded. There are a lot of people living in Wonder City Islamabad, and it can be difficult to find an apartment or house.

What are the amenities offered in 7 Wonder City Islamabad?

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7 Wonder City Islamabad offers a variety of amenities to its residents and guests, including a swimming pool, gym, sauna, and steam room. There is also a restaurant and bar on site, as well as a business center with meeting rooms and conference facilities. The hotel is located just minutes from the airport and downtown, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.

How to know if you’re eligible to live in 7 Wonder City Islamabad

In order to know if you’re eligible to live in Wonder City Islamabad, there are a few things you should take into consideration. The first is your citizenship status. You must be a Pakistani citizen in order to live in the city. The second is your income. You must have a steady source of income in order to be eligible for residency. Lastly, you must pass a background check. This is to ensure that you are not a criminal or pose any threat to the city. If you meet all of these requirements, then you are eligible to live in Wonder City Islamabad!


In conclusion, 7 Wonder City Islamabad has been approved by the CDA. This master-planned development will provide its residents with modern facilities and amenities to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. With easy access to some of Islamabad’s top attractions, this development is sure to be one of Pakistan’s most desirable residential areas in no time. We look forward to seeing what kinds of opportunities and experiences await those who choose to reside in 7 Wonder City Islamabad!

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