How to Import Opera MBOX Emails into Lotus Notes NSF Format?

September 13, 2023


Do you wish to import MBOX files into Lotus Notes or IBM Notes. You will discover how to migrate emails from MBOX to an IBM Notes account at the end of this article. This post will walk you through the process step by step. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of computer technology may easily import an MBOX file into Lotus Notes. Moving on, let’s take a quick look at MBOX files and Lotus Notes.

Opera Mail is a free email and news client created by the Opera software company. It was initially published as a component of the Opera web browser but was later split from it. Opera Mail stores its data on the local system in MBS files. Users can import messages from a variety of email clients, including Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook Express, and others.

Definition of MBOX file and NSF File Format

MBOX File Format: MBOX is a mailbox file that may hold numerous email messages as well as attachment files. This is the most widely used file format for storing email messages. MBOX files are utilized by a variety of email applications, including Thunderbird, Eudora Mail, Apple Mail, and others. Users can also use Google Takeout to export Gmail emails in MBOX format.

NSF File Format: Lotus Notes or IBM Notes, on the other hand, is a desktop-based email client. IBM Notes also includes collaboration features such as a calendar, contact management, discussion forums, instant messaging, and so on. Lotus Notes saves data in the NSF file format.

Why Export an MBOX file to an NSF file?

Here are a few compelling reasons to transfer your IBM mailbox.

  • Lotus Notes is complex and has limited access, limiting users’ ability to use these files.
  • IBM Notes are costly and require specialized software to use.
  • MBOX files are simple to open and do not require any additional software.
  • MBOX files are popular among users because they are supported by a wide number of email applications, including Spicebird, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Entourage, Eudora, and Apple Mail.
  • To operate an NSF file, you must have a high level of technical ability. MBOX files, on the other hand, are easy to use.

These qualities enable the conversion of a Lotus mailbox to an MBOX mailbox. The following part will teach you how to convert NSF files to MBOX using several methods.

Opera Mail Features:

Messages in Opera Mail can be sent in rich-text format.

While creating new emails, there is inline spell-checking. To detect phishing or questionable emails, there are both automated and human spam filtering features. A contact manager is used to keep track of contacts.

The email is displayed as text and HTML attributes.

The following are the stages for manually carrying out the process:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird and create a new account.
  • Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click Local Folders.
  • Select “Settings” from the resulting menu.
  • Next, in Thunderbird, go to the Local Folders Settings tab.
  • Using the browse button, navigate to the folder containing the MBOX file.
  • Create a bogus Gmail account and set it up in Thunderbird.
  • Drag and drop MBOX emails from the local folders tab into a Gmail inbox folder.
  • Close Thunderbird after copying all emails from MBOX to Gmail.

Start Microsoft Outlook on your computer and sign in with the same Gmail account you previously used.

Expert Method to Import MBOX Emails into Lotus Notes File

Use the MBOX to NSF Converter Application to convert MBOX files to NSF format. It works with email applications including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Spicebird, and others. It is compatible with all Windows platforms. To effortlessly convert MBOX files to NSF format, IBM Lotus Notes, and IBM Domino use the NSF file format to store data such as emails, calendar entries, contacts, and other items. It is compatible with email applications such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Spicebird, and others. This means you won’t have to worry about losing crucial data or having it damaged. This application works with all versions of Windows XP.

Steps to export MBOX file to NSF file.

  • Install the MBOX to NSF Converter Tool.
  • Select “file or folder mode” and browse for a single or many MBOX files.
  • Display an MBOX file preview
  • Select Output location from the Browse menu.
  • Click the “Convert Now” button.


The Final Words-

With so many email clients releasing each year with more functionality than Opera Mail, it’s no surprise that an Opera Mail converter is in high demand. Users seek a solution that can easily export emails from Opera Mail, whether the MBS file is created by default on the local machine or the mailboxes exported from Opera Mail in MBS format. That’s why we created a reliable Opera Mail file converter that can export Opera emails to a variety of file formats. A free version of the application is available to demonstrate its conversion capabilities.

We have discussed the entire process of converting MBOX to Lotus Notes NSF files using MBOX to NSF Converter Software in this article. Users can now convert several MBOX files to IBM Notes NSF files at the same time without losing any data.

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