Affordable & Comprehensive Method to Convert Outlook Files to MBOX

March 21, 2024

Summary: In the current digital age, many people desire to convert Outlook PST files to Thunderbird, Edoura, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, and others, but they can’t find the ideal option. Today, we present two simple methods for converting Outlook emails to MBOX.

Why Convert PST to MBOX?

Reasons to convert PST files to MBOX format in email management and migration include enhanced accessibility, flexibility, and compatibility.

  • Improved platform compatibility: Microsoft Outlook primarily uses PST files, which restricts email access outside of it. Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others support MBOX. PST to MBOX conversion frees your data, allowing you to view your emails on several platforms and devices, meeting today’s digital mobility needs.
  • PST to MBOX conversion simplifies email migration for people and enterprises switching from Outlook to other email clients. It transfers, organizes, and makes your emails available in your new email environment.

Note: Before converting PST to MBOX, you must back up your files. This precautionary step protects your data and lets you restore your original files if conversion complications develop.

Technique 2: Copying the Google Takeout PST to MBOX

When using Google Takeout to convert PST files to MBOX, it connects your Gmail account with Outlook to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail before exporting them to MBOX. This PST to MBOX conversion method uses Gmail and Google Takeout to their fullest. We break down this method into five steps for clarity and simplicity:

First, enable Gmail IMAP.

  • Login to Gmail.
  • Select See all settings from the Settings icon.
  • Forwarding and POP/IMAP tabs.
  • Enable IMAP and click Save Changes.

Step 2: Create an app password.

  • Open and select Security, then enable two-step verification.
  • Click Security again after activating.
  • Choose app passwords.
  • Name the app “MS Outlook” and click Create.
  • Copy the app password and click Done.

Step 3: Outlook Gmail Configuration

  • Open Outlook
  • Select File, then Account Settings.
  • Type your name and Gmail address.
  • Retype your app password.
  • Click Next.
  • After verification, click Finish.

Step 4: Move Outlook Emails to Gmail.

  • Right-click my Gmail mailbox in Outlook.
  • Choose New Folder, name it, and press Enter.
  • Ctrl+A selects all Outlook emails to import.
  • Drag and drop the chosen emails to the new folder using Ctrl.
  • The folder and emails will display in Gmail after refreshing.

Stage 5: Google Takeout Gmail Email Export

  • Log in to Gmail and visit Google Takeout.
  • Select deselect all in Create Export.
  • Scroll down and choose Gmail.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Select Export once,.zip, and file size split.
  • Select Create Export.
  • An email with a download link will arrive after the export.
  • After downloading the link, unpack to discover your MBOX file.

Depending on the size of your email archive, Google Takeout can take several hours to several days to export. While efficient in using Gmail’s infrastructure, this PST to MBOX conversion method needs time and can be useful for non-urgent users.

A Sufficient Solution to Convert PST Files to MBOX Format:

Softaken PST to MBOX Converter is a utility that enables users to convert PST files into common formats, such as MBOX. Use this program if you want to convert a PST file to Thunderbird in just one simple step. The MBOX file format allows users to export single or many PST files without any loss of data. This export process is simple. Users can save the exported data at the specified location on the desktop device. Obtain the free demo edition of this program to examine the abilities and advantages that are available with the software.

A Frequently Asked Question:

Can PST to MBOX conversions exceed a certain size?
The email client’s capacity determines the maximum file size for manual conversion. Third-party conversion tools like the Softaken PST File Converter can handle large PST files, making them more reliable for large conversions.

Is it possible to convert PST to MBOX online?
Some websites offer PST to MBOX conversion. For those concerned about data security or slow internet connections, offline tools like Softaken PST to MBOX Converter can be safer.

I need to move my PST data to MBOX. How does it work?
Selective data conversion can be done manually. PST to MBOX converters allow selective conversion, letting users choose which folders or emails to convert.

For a Final Thought,

Switching to MBOX-capable email clients saves money without sacrificing functionality. This guide has covered both manual methods and dedicated converters, like the Softaken PST to MBOX Converter, to meet a variety of needs.

Whether to utilize manual methods or a PST to MBOX converter depends on your needs, the amount of data to convert, and the level of precision needed. Effective, user-friendly, and feature-rich software like Softaken PST File Converter stands out. Thus, they are a great option for those seeking a simple answer.

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