Efficiently Import/Save & Access IBM NSF Emails to PST for Outlook 2019

March 28, 2024

Today’s digital world makes data transfer between email systems common yet difficult, especially for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook users. The key to a smooth changeover is converting NSF to PST. Changing email file formats can be difficult without the advice and the right tools.

Convert NSF to PST—Why?

A variety of email system users’ demands and situations, especially those switching from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, motivate the conversion of NSF files to PST format. Comprehend these factors to comprehend the conversion process and choose the best option for your scenario.

  • Compatible and accessible: Microsoft Outlook does not support IBM Lotus Notes NSF files. Users can access their emails, calendars, contacts, and other data in Outlook by converting NSF to PST. User migration from NSF to PST requires this conversion to ensure seamless access to crucial data in their new email environment.
  • Helps cloud migration: Converting from NSF to PST is required as more companies and individuals switch to cloud-based email services like Office 365. PST files, created for Microsoft’s cloud services, ease the transfer. Integrating email data into a cloud environment is easy with this interoperability, making migration easier.

Strategically converting NSF to PST increases interoperability, email management, cloud migration, collaboration, and data lifespan and accessibility. Converting from NSF to PST is essential to updating and improving your email communication infrastructure, whether you want to export, migrate, or transition.

How Do I Convert NSF to PST?

Migrating from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook requires converting NSF files to PST. You can do this manually or with a third-party NSF to PST converter. Each method has benefits, and picking the correct one depends on your technological skill, data volume, and resources.

Note: Back up your NSF files before converting them to PST. Having a backup lets you recover your data if the conversion fails.

Method 2: NSF-PST conversion.

This method requires exporting Lotus Notes emails to EML and importing them into Outlook. This method requires Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

  • Start by exporting Lotus Notes EML.
  • Open Lotus Notes on your PC.
    Locate the EML-formatted email folder. Choose all emails in the folder using Ctrl+A.
    Drag and drop the chosen emails into a desktop folder. You are going to convert emails to EML.

Second, import EML into Outlook.

  • Start MS Outlook.
  • In Outlook, right-click the mailbox and pick “New Folder” from the context menu.
  • Name the folder and press enter.
  • Select the EML files on your PC to import into Outlook. Ctrl+A selects all emails.
  • Drag and drop selected EML files into the new Outlook folder.

Note: To avoid import issues, import EML files in batches of 10 or fewer.

Using Lotus Notes and Outlook, this drag-and-drop approach converts NSF to PST easily. Users migrating NSF to PST without conversion software will find it handy. Given the manual effort and advice to import EML files in small pieces, this method can be better for converting fewer emails.

Method 3: Use the NSF to PST Converter Tool to Export NSF to PST

Efficiently Import/Save & Access IBM NSF Emails to PST for Outlook 2019 without manual steps is easy with dedicated software. Softaken NSF to PST Converter is a great option for folks with minimal technical knowledge because its user-friendly interface makes conversion easy.

softaken NSF to PST converter

Besides Beneficial Features

  • You can quickly preview applications in the window.
  • Preserve folder structure.
  • Transfer NSF to Office 365 and the Live Exchange Server.
  • Free NSF-to-PST conversion for the first 20 items in each folder.
  • Support all MS Outlook versions, including 2019.
  • Applicable to all Windows versions, including 10.

Commonly Important Inquiries

Why convert NSF to PST?
Moving from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook requires converting NSF files to PST. This conversion improves email administration, migration, and compatibility and future-proofs your email data for additional platforms and tools.

Should I install Lotus Notes to convert NSF to PST?
The conversion requires installing IBM Lotus Notes on your PC. Lotus Notes installation is required to use the NSF to PST converter tool directly with the database.

Can I preview NSF files before converting to PST?
Absolutely. The NSF to PST converter allows you to preview emails before conversion. You can pick individual items or folders for conversion to ensure you convert what you need.

Can I convert NSF emails to PST selectively?
Yes, NSF to PST converters allow selective conversion. You can choose emails and folders for conversion based on criteria like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and more, providing you freedom and control.

The Concluding Statement

Although switching from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook can be daunting, it can be a smart move toward updating your email infrastructure with the right tools and knowledge. To better interoperability, email handling, or data future-proofing, convert NSF to PST.

We’ve discussed the primary converting causes, manual methods, and advanced solutions like the Softaken NSF to PST Converter in this post. Your needs, data volume, and technological simplicity define the best converting method.

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