Solved! When Exchange Is Currently Working in Recovery Mode – 2024

March 30, 2024

The two most well-known tools that Microsoft makes are MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server. These services make them one of the best places to communicate electronically. Both help each other out so that the conversation stays smoBy default, MS Exchange Server stores all user information.

Cached exchange mode is a new feature that Microsoft Outlook added in 2003. In this case, the person can make a copy of the data on the Exchange server and save it on their own computer as an OST file. Users can work when they’re not online with the cached exchange mode tool. This feature enables users to view and modify previously downloaded data, even in the absence of an Internet connection. The exchange site will receive all your changes as soon as you connect to the Internet.

It’s not easy to work with OST files because they are private. There are different kinds of problem messages that users see when they work offline. Each mistake has its own set of causes and conditions.

This article will talk about why Exchange is in recovery mode right now and what caused this mistake. We will also learn how to fix Exchange, which is in repair mode at the moment. This post will help you if you are having this problem and want a shortcut to fix it.

The Exchange is in Recovery Mode Right Now

The exchange is in recovery mode right now, which is a typical mistake. This error occurs when the saved mailbox copy differs from the one on the MS Exchange Server. This mistake also happens when the following things happen:

There are issues with the DNS server’s settings or setup.
There is a slow link on the Internet between the client and the server.

Fix a Fault in Outlook Exchange is in Recovery Mode Right Now

You can fix this problem by hand or with help from a third party. We are going to learn how to fix Exchange by hand while it is in recovery mode. We’ll also find out how a third-party tool can fix this problem.

Note: Before using these ways, please make a copy of your data.

Step 1: Turn off Cached Exchange Mode.

  • To get to the File menu, open MS Outlook.
  • Click on Account Settings after choosing Account Settings.
  • After making the change, click the Next button and uncheck the box next to Use Cached Exchange Mode.
  • First, make a copy of the OST file. Then get rid of or delete the offline OST file.
  • Check the box next to Use Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook, then click on the Next button.
  • Get MS Outlook back up and running, and check that the settings are right.
  • If everything is okay, Exchange Mailbox will make a new OST file on its own.

Method 2: Use an outside OST to PST Converter

If the way you tried by hand didn’t work, use Softaken OST to PST Converter. It’s one of the best tool for quickly changing OST to PST. This software lets you open an OST file that you can’t get to and change it to PST format. Once completed, you can easily open the converted PST file in MS Outlook to access your emails.

  • First, get the software and put it on your computer.
ost exporter home window

  • Start the tool up and click on “Add File.”
  • Choose the OST file that you can’t get to, click “Scan,” and then click “OK.”
  • After the process is complete, the program will display all the emails.

  • Pick “Select All Folders” from the Export menu.
  • Select Outlook Data File (PST) as the export type and specify where to save the file.
  • To begin the change, click the “Export” button.
  • Once the process is complete, click the “OK” button.
ost file export options

  • After that, MS Outlook will be able to open the PST file. This program can fix all Outlook problems.

Several Other Useful Features

  • Resolve issues with broken, corrupted, or unopenable OST files.
  • Change OST to PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, and other types of files.
  • Move OST to Live Exchange Server and Office 365
  • Show the information from the OST file in the software window.
  • Keep the folder layout and hierarchy that you had before.
  • You can convert and move the first few items in each folder for free.

Questions People Ask Often

How do I get the data back from the old OST file?

You can use the Softaken OST to PST Converter to retrieve information from an old OST file. This software makes it easy to get back data from an OST file and change it to PST format. Once the change is complete, you can use any version of MS Outlook, including 2019, 2016, 2013, and so on, to open the PST file.

This program can open OST files, right?

This program can open the OST file, yes. The software does not require the installation of MS Outlook to read the OST file. These programs let you see all the information in an OST file right in the program window. They also let you export the first few things in each folder for free. You won’t need any other OST players after this.

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