Tested & Tried Method to Shift/Switch MBOX files in PST for Outlook 2021

February 7, 2024

Email programs like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and others use MBOX files to store their data, including emails. Users have local access to the MBOX files and can distribute them as needed, as they are saved within the system. On the other hand, users must convert MBOX to the PST file format to migrate to Outlook.

For users who wish to take advantage of Outlook’s capabilities, conversion is crucial. Making the switch to Microsoft Outlook has several benefits as well, but converting MBOX files is difficult. In this piece, we’ll examine some obstacles that users can encounter when converting and offering solutions.

Transform MBOX files into PST files

We will now walk you through the process of converting MBOX files into PST files using both third-party converter software and manual approaches. Users can effortlessly and flawlessly convert their MBOX files with the help of this guide. Thus, do not hesitate to use the first conversion technique.

Inside the EML file, move the MBOX file.

The MBOX files will first be converted to EML before being imported into Outlook. To properly do the assignment, carefully follow the instructions provided.

  • Launch an email client compatible with MBOX. Thunderbird is being used here.
  • Select a new folder by right-clicking on the folder.
  • Once the necessary information, such as the name, has been entered, click the Create folder button.
  • Please choose the emails you wish to transfer to the recently established folder.
  • Next, choose the necessary folder and use the right-click menu to choose the Save option.
  • The chosen emails will then be saved as EML files.
  • Open the folder containing the EML file in Outlook now.
  • Choose each email you need to drag and drop into Outlook, one at a time.
  • Exporting the emails to a PST file type is the final step.

So be careful to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Click on the file after logging into your Outlook account.
  • Next, choose Import/Export by clicking on Open & Export.
  • Select the Export to a File option from the window that appears.
  • Currently, locate and choose the Outlook data file option.
  • Select the location or folder where the EML file is located, then click the Next button.
  • Select where you want to save the resulting PST on your computer by using the browse option.

Users who want to convert MBOX files to PST manually can encounter difficulties; one mistake might cause problems. Additionally, users must invest a significant amount of time to finish the conversion. Novice users will also encounter a lot of problems that necessitate asking for help from others.

Therefore, users can search for third-party software to avoid all the hazards associated with manual MBOX to PST conversion methods.

A Trustworthy Converter to Make Outlook PST file From MBOX Mailbox

One tool that users can utilize to convert MBOX files is the Softaken MBOX to PST Converter Tool. This utility functions properly on all Windows OST versions and supports them all. Users can convert many MBOX files at once into PST files. Users must convert files with particular data to do accurate conversions; after that, they can utilize the data filter option. The tool preserves the integrity of the data while finishing the MBOX to PST conversion rapidly.

In Summary,

The user’s necessities will be the only factors determining the conversion’s requirements. To convert MBOX to PST, we reviewed several conversion methods in this article. To make the conversion process simple, we advise consumers to use option number two. To discover more about the product, clients can also download the free sample version.

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