Time-Saving Guide to Download RoundCube Webmail Emails as PST File

May 1, 2024

We’ve seen a lot of users who are now using the RoundCube Webmail email client and would like to switch to Outlook. Additionally, they were unable to obtain the proper RoundCube Webmail email backup solution for the PST Outlook program. We will now go over the many methods that are available to assist in backing up RoundCube Webmail files into the Microsoft Outlook email program. The complete blog post is available to interested users.

Explain RoundCube and Its Applications

Like any webmail application, RoundCube is a well-liked web-based email program that offers all of the features of an email client program. Numerous features are supported by this application, including a three-column mailbox display, spell checking, address book, folder manipulation, HTML and MIME compatibility, and much more. It is an extremely clever webmail program that runs easily on common online email servers like Apache, Lighttpd, Lightspeed, and others. This wonderful webmail program is also available in sixty languages. Despite this, some users choose to utilize the Microsoft Outlook program over RoundCube because of its more sophisticated features. Let’s choose the finest option for backing up RoundCube Webmail emails to PST files, which the Microsoft Outlook program supports.

Softaken IMAP Mail Backup to Download RoundCube Webmail Emails as PST File

softaken IMAP Mail Backup

Anyone can freely download, install, and use one of the best Softaken IMAP Mail Backup Tools from this site. It allows users to easily Download RoundCube Webmail Emails as PST files. RoundCube email files can be backed up to PST Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and any other version by utilizing this tool. Any user, expert or not, can effectively utilize the application thanks to its straightforward design. There is no technical skill required for it. Users can easily receive a brief and simple tutorial with the help of the RoundCube to Outlook Tool. It is also a useful tool that saves energy and time for all users. Since this software is Windows-supported, anyone using any version of Windows—7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.—can download and use it. Additionally, it provides a variety of features and advantages that you can choose from while carrying out backup operations. Let’s go gather every advantageous aspect we covered in the points.

Positive properties of the tool:

  • The wonderful secret to completing RoundCube Webmail email backups to the PST procedure is IMAP Mail Backup Software.
  • The performer can back up an infinite number of RoundCube folders into PST format in a single operation with this tool.
  • Additionally, this tool assists in precisely formatting email attachments that you save from RoundCube to the Outlook application.
  • If users would like to save specific RoundCube folders in Outlook, they can do so using the selective folder backup feature.
  • This application works well with every edition of Microsoft Outlook, including 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.
  • To complete the backup procedure, you will need the RoundCube webmail email account’s login ID and password.
  • The program facilitates the execution of crucial email file backup operations by providing an abundance of email and date filters.
  • Utilize the entire application on any version of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 10, and any other editions.
  • Download this program to create a PST file backup of your RoundCube Webmail emails, preserving all of the original email attributes.
  • Retrieve the notepad with a brief synopsis of the whole backup procedure. Keep this notebook open so you can examine the backup procedure.

Interested in a free demo to try?

If you’re still in need of further information on the aforementioned product, you can save the first 25 RoundCube emails to Outlook PST format for free by downloading the free IMAP Mail Backup Software sample version. This tool includes the most popular 18+ saving output choices, including local file formats and many cloud email server programs, in addition to the PST format. These possibilities include Exchange Server, Yahoo, Gmail, G Suite, Amazon WorkMail, Hotmail, Outlook.com, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, MHTML, IMAP Server, Outlook, and so on. Therefore, you won’t have any problems if you use this tool to back up RoundCube data files into any of the save output choices.

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