Top Guide For Sending New/Old OST Files/Folders in Bulk to Office 365

March 23, 2024

In briefare you trying to find a quick fix for backing up every OST file in Office 365? Would you like to create a backup of the Office 365 Exchange OST file? You don’t need to worry any longer since we can help you with your issue. We’ll walk you through the entire process of backing up an OST file in Office 365 here. Simply read the blog through to the end to learn about the clever solution.

Make a Professional Backup of Every Office 365 OST File

Softaken OST to 365 Converter, a third-party tool, provides a swift & accurate method for Sending New/Old OST Files/Folders in Bulk to Office 365. The program has an easy-to-use interface and a straightforward operational framework. The OST to Office 365 Converter is easy to use for users. The sophisticated tool offers an answer that is 100% accurate and won’t alter email characteristics or folder hierarchy in any way. The application that converts OST files to Office transfers all emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, and other data into an exact format. Follow the instructions below to transfer all OST files to Office 365.

  • Install the OST to Office 365 Converter on your computer after downloading it.

  • Depending on what you need, choose “Add File,” “Add Folder,” or Load Outlook Profiles.
  • Add Files: Select the Add File option to load the file into the software if you have a few OST files.
  • Add Folder: Select this option if you wish to transfer the whole OST folder to Office 365.

  • To choose the Office 365 saving output option from the list, click the Export button.

  • To export OST files within a specific date range, use date filters now. To begin the OST to Office 365 conversion, click the Convert option.
  • Finally, the program will provide a notice indicating that the conversion was successful. To complete the OST export to Office 365 procedure, click OK.

What Features Does the OST to Office 365 Converter Offer?

  • The program properly preserves all properties—headers, hyperlinks, time stamps, email content and address, font, style, etc.—while transferring OST files to Office 365.
  • The OST to Office 365 Converter allows you to transfer batch OST files to Office 365 for one-time processing. The tool is incredibly time-efficient, saving you valuable time.
  • The program is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for the Windows operating system. You can use the program with any version of Windows, including 11, 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, and so on.
  • It’s a clever technique that makes the transition from OST to Office 365 easy. In order to move OST files within a specific time frame to Office365, it also offers date filters.
  • The program transfers all attachments to Office 365, along with OST files. This application allows you to move all attachment types, including jpg, tiff, pdf, doc, ppt, and img, without altering their attributes.
  • The OST to Office 365 Converter preserves the folder hierarchy. The utility maintains the existing folder hierarchy when transferring the OST mailbox to Office 365.
  • You can transfer all of the OST data, including contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, attachments, and more, to Office 365.
  • After the conversion, the tool offers a backup overview as well. The backup report includes every aspect of the conversion, such as the start and end times, the number of items selected, the final number of items, the file size, and more. The backup report is available for saving in CSV format.

Final Judgement

We go over how to easily back up all of your Office 365 OST files in this blog post. Users of Office 365 accounts can easily backup numerous OST files using this third-party software. To learn how the program functions properly, you can use the OST to Office 365 Converter demo edition.The freeware edition allows you to freely back up up to 25 objects in OfAccess the licensed edition of OST to Office 365 Converter to easily backup an infinite number of OST files.

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