8 Proven Ways to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website

March 13, 2023

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our websites. We have spent hours and hours building our WordPress websites. Imagine it vanishing at the blink of an eye. That would be an absolute nightmare, right?

There is a high chance that this might happen at least once on your website journey. Being cautious is important because the internet is a crazy place, my friend. There are hackers, various malware, poorly coded plugins, outdated themes, etc. that could break and erase your site and its data easily.

Does this mean you cannot have a secured website?

Oceans and waves are also dangerous, does that stop a scuba diver from going into the ocean on a normal day? No, right? It’s the same with websites! With proper training and fail-safe methods, you’ll always be able to backup and restore your WordPress website back to its working state.

There are multiple ways to backup and restore your WordPress website. Let’s explore each method quickly. Why wait? Let’s dive in ?

WordPress backup and its importance

A WordPress backup is a complete copy of your site (i.e., data, files, and folders) that is stored on your local desktop, hosting server, and file storage servers. This acts as a fail-safe method and helps restore your site after a data loss event. In simple terms, it is like a checkpoint in your favorite arcade game, you can continue from where you are.

WordPress powers almost 43.1% of all the websites on the internet. Its popularity attracts the eyes of hackers who are waiting to exploit the platform’s security vulnerability. Cyberattacks can affect certain sections of your website or even destroy it. Your WordPress site backup acts as a lifesaver if there is an attack.

It’s not just about cyber attacks if you are working on your site, updating the code, installing a plugin, theme, or core version, and you see some issues and errors with your website. You can quickly rollback to the previous version using the backup.

Why do I need to backup my WordPress site?

Backing up your WordPress site is crucial in case of any data loss or website crashes. It helps you restore your website to its previous state and prevents you from losing all your content, media, and settings.

How often should I backup my WordPress site?

It is recommended to backup your WordPress site daily or weekly, depending on the frequency of updates and changes made to your website. If your website is a blog, taking backups twice a week is more than enough, but if it’s an eCommerce website, then real-time backups are recommended.

How can I backup my WordPress site?

There are several ways to backup your WordPress site including using a backup plugin, using a hosting provider’s backup service, or manually backing up your website files and database.

Can I backup only certain parts of my WordPress site?

Yes, you can backup complete website or only certain parts of your website such as your database, media, files, themes, and plugins.

What is the best way to backup WordPress?

The optimal method for backing up your WordPress website is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are numerous backup methods available, all of which have been discussed in this article. Therefore, you should select the backup method that best fits your needs.

Check out the Ways to Backup and Restore your WordPress Website.

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