How to Scan and Remove Similar GIF Files? Easy Steps!

April 24, 2024

GIF represents by Graphic Interchange Format. It was come into existence by a group of experts at the online services provider CompuServe guided by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite. They released this GIF file format on June 15, 1987. 

It is observed that some devices contain duplicate GIF files. As you know these similar GIF files take up a lot of space. If you are tired of those GIF files.don’t worry I will tell you how to Scan and remove similar GIF files with the free and expert solution.

How Duplicate GIF Files Generated?

  1. If you download the GIF files twice then a duplicate GIF will be generated.
  2. Sharing a particular GIF file multiple times.
  3. If we create a backup more than one time.
  4. Copy the same GIF files on multiple locations.

Manual Method of How to Scan and Remove Similar GIF files 

Manual solutions are free to people but many of you do not prefer to use them. In the manual solution scanning and removing similar GIF files using the File Explorer. 

Steps to remove Similar GIF files

  1. Open>> file explorer.
  2. After that choose the folder where all the GIF files are there.
  3. Identify similar GIF files, and arrange them in the folder by name or size. 
  4. Look for GIF files whose name/ size is similar.
  5. If you identify similar GIF files then select those identical GIF files.
  6.  Right-click on those selected duplicate GIF files then a new pop-up will open.
  7. Tap on the delete option to delete those similar GIF files.
  8. Do this step again and again until all the similar GIF files are removed from your device.

Limitations of Manual Solutions

  1. Finding those duplicate GIF files on the device is not an easy task.
  2. Scanning and removing those similar GIF files is a very time-consuming task.
  3. When you find and delete GIF files manually there is always a chance of deleting important GIF files.

Automated Solutions How to Scan and Remove Similar GIF Files

If you are tired of using the manual solution then you can use a powerful tool i.e. SysTools Duplicate Photo Finder to reclaim your storage. Using this expert technique you can easily scan and remove duplicate GIF files.

Following are the steps for scanning and removing similar GIF files

  1. Download the software on your machine.
  2. Select the folder where you want to perform the scan.
  3. Set the radio button according to your needs using the filter tap.
  4. Delete similar GIF files by clicking on the delete button.

Key Features of Automated Solutions 

  1. Expert solutions have the option to scan between the folder and subfolders.
  2. Scan and delete duplicates of multiple file formats.
  3. Option to move similar GIF files.
  4. You can scan the particular folder.


This article covers how to scan and remove similar GIF files as well as how duplicated GIF files are generated. While the manual solution is not very successful, it is time-taking may not be able to find all the identical GIF files, and also has a chance of deleting the important data. To avoid those shortcomings, consider using seasoned techniques in more efficient ways.  

Commonly  Asked Questions

  1. Does the expert technique remove GIF files across the different folders?

    Yes, the professional method scans and removes the different folders on the system.

  2. Is there any chance of losing image quality in an automated solution?

    No, there is not any effect chance of losing the image quality.

  3. Can I do the scanning according to my needs?

     Yes,  you can do the scanning according to your needs with a sophisticated solution.

  4. What are the restrictions of the manual method?

          The manual method is very time-taking and has a chance of deleting the important data GIF file.

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